Zoho Backstage provides SunBridge Coaching a holistic platform for all their event needs

About SunBridge Coaching

SunBridge Coaching works with entrepreneurs who are parents, helping them to align their business life with their personal life. Kevin Ryan-Young, the CEO, does private coaching, intense one-on-one sessions for business executives, and group sessions for organizations. He also runs events which focus on motivating individuals to achieve their life goals.


Technology acts as a facilitator when it comes to running successful events. There are many tools available for various components of event management: website builders, ticketing software, attendee registration tools, and more. The biggest problem for event organizers is that they often have to grapple with different tools for running the same event. This adds to the complexity of event management with adverse impacts on team productivity. The most pressing need for organizers is a comprehensive platform for managing all aspects of event management.

""We had ticketing on one platform, and used other means to plan and execute our events. It felt like our event information was siloed in different areas."

Backstage is an easy-to-use product which helped me organize a one day confidence building event - Designing Destiny: Your Life is Your Masterpiece. With all the essential features for running the event available on a single platform, I was able to save considerable time and effort in bringing my event to life. I'm excited to use Backstage for the fundraising event that I plan to conduct in the future.Kevin Ryan-Young, CEO

One solution for all event needs

The biggest advantage offered by Backstage, according to Mr. Ryan-Young, is that now he can have a single window to plan, design, promote, and conduct his event.

"Earlier, our events were scattered. Now, with Backstage, I can do everything: from selling tickets, building an agenda, and creating an event website from within Backstage. This is very useful."

An event's agenda is a key factor in attracting potential attendees. Backstage offered Mr. Ryan-Young an intuitive agenda builder through which he created a comprehensive schedule, arranged in an intelligent manner.

"The feature that I found most appealing was the agenda builder. I was able to build a detailed agenda in a matter of minutes with it."

Mr. Ryan-Young's overall experience with Zoho Backstage was overwhelmingly positive. Recalling Backstage's advantages, Mr. Ryan-Young said that, "It has helped me save time because I can do everything from one platform, instead of juggling multiple tools."Through Backstage, any modifications or updates that need to be made to an existing agenda can be brought live on the event website instantly, with the click of a button.

"I would describe Backstage as easy and awesome. I am looking forward to using it for our future events."

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