Zoho Backstage helps Fluitec reduce event set-up time

About Fluitec International

Fluitec International is a leader in the field of fluid monitoring and maintenance. Their team of experts have published dozens of papers on advanced fluid monitoring and offer consultancy to their customers to improve bottom-line savings and sustainability initiatives. Lubrication Academy is a series of training events, conducted at multiple cities around the world, to provide advanced and up-to-date knowledge to manufacturing plants.


Planning, managing, and running events is no walk in the park, and when you add tight deadlines to the mix, it becomes even more complex. "We hold anywhere from five to fifteen events globally," said Mr. Wagner, giving a glimpse into the monumental task he's entrusted with.

Time is of the essence when you're conducting an event every month. Basic steps like setting up an event website, configuring tickets, and building an event's agenda should take as little time as possible—and Mr. Wagner and his team had to depend on multiple tools to accomplish each of these tasks.

"We've been using various tools for building websites, and managing agendas and speakers. We used different ticket processing companies for setting up tickets."

In less than an hour and a half, Backstage helped me build a two-day event with all the bells and whistles. The ability to have multiple solutions in one place that save 5-6 hours of my time is just wonderful. I highly recommend Zoho Backstage.Josh Wagner, Director of Marketing

Zoho Backstage—the time-saver

He was able to create a fully featured event website without any expert help—and in a fraction of the time.

"I built our two-day Lubrication Academy event in Las Vegas, with embedded ticketing and other details, in less than an hour and a half. The amount of time it has taken me to in the past to do similar work, was much more than an hour and a half."

Backstage helped him save 5-6 hours of his time by offering a dynamic website builder, integrated ticketing, an intuitive agenda builder, and sponsor management all as part of a comprehensive event management platform.

We hope that Mr. Wagner's event is a great success and Backstage becomes an integral part of his event management requirements.

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