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I am doing business with a customer who prefers to communicate in Spanish. How do I get the invoices, estimates, reminders, etc. to be in Spanish?

In Zoho Invoice, you can associate a language to a contact. This includes:

Let’s take the above example where your customer prefers all communication in Spanish.

Choosing Spanish as Portal Language

In order to choose Spanish as default portal language for the contact, kindly follow the below mentioned steps:

Setting up Invoice Template in Spanish

In order to set the invoice template in Spanish, kindly follow the instructions below:

Setting up Email Templates in Spanish

You can do this for Email templates as well. To set up your email templates in Spanish, kindly follow the instructions below:

Setting up Payment Reminders in Spanish

Apart from setting email templates, you can also set up payment reminders in other languages and associate them to specific contacts.

The first step in the process is to create an email alert. To create an email alert, kindly follow the instructions below:

The next and final step is to create a workflow rule, where a payment reminder is send for invoices created for customers whose contact language is Spanish.

1. Name your Workflow

Workflow name: Give your workflow a name.

Module: Invoice

2. Choose When to Trigger

Workflow type: Event Based

When an Invoice is: Created

3. Filter the Triggers

When -> Customer Language -> is -> Espanol

Click Next and check the Would you like to add time-based action? option.

Execution time: 5 -> Days > Before -> Due Date

Action: Email Alert -> Spanish - Payment Reminder

Click on the Save button to save the workflow rule created. This will trigger a payment reminder (in Spanish), five days before the due date, for all the customers whose contact language is Espanol.

Associating the templates to a contact

Once you’ve set up the invoice and email templates, you can associate these templates by following the instructions below:

This action will allow you to send customized invoices and emails to that particular customer.

Note: You can also create workflows based on the language, i.e. you can create workflows for contacts who are assigned a specific language.

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