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Why am I not able to remotely control Mac 10.14 - Mojave?

With the privacy restrictions in the Mac 10.14 - Mojave, accessibility to the computer is denied by default. Hence, Zoho Assist wouldn't have sufficient permissions to remotely control your customer's Mac computer. 

To start controlling a Mac 10.14 - Mojave during remote support and unattended access sessions accessibility permission has to be configured for Zoho Assist.

To configure accessibility permissions:

  1. Navigate to System Preference > Security and Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility.
  2. Click the check box beside Zoho to enable control permission. 
  3. If Zoho is not listed in the pane, click on the small plus symbol beneath the pane. Now, navigate to "Machintosh HD/Users/(Your User Name)/Library/Application Support/ZohoMeetingNative/" from the file browsing panel that opens up.

    Note: If you don't find Library in your User Name folder, use the key combination "Cmd+Shift+." to view hidden Library folder.

  4. Select Zoho and click Open to list Zoho in the pane. Now click on the check box beside Zoho to enable control permission.
  5. Once the control permission is enabled, you can instantly start controlling the Mac computer.


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