How to remotely control Mac devices above version 10.14?   

Mac devices of version 10.14 and above come with default privacy restrictions that automatically disallow accessibility and screen recording permissions for the system. Consequently, Zoho Assist is unable to obtain the essential permissions needed to remote control the customer's Mac desktop. To initiate remote sessions, it's essential to configure accessibility and screen recording permissions for Zoho Assist.

The following permissions are necessary when initially accessing Zoho Assist or when permissions have been revoked:

Accessibility Permission - To remote access and control the device.

Screen Recording Permission - To capture and record the remote screen.


To allow the Accessibility and screen recording permissions, click Proceed in the dialog, as shown below.

To enable Accessibility permissions, click Configure besides Accessibility, then click Open System Settings in the prompt shown below.

This directs to Accessibility > Privacy & Security > Settings. Click the toggle icon next to the Zoho Assist logo to enable. Even for standard accounts, You might be prompted to enter the credentials of an administrator account to continue.