Why do I receive the error message "Connection lost at the remote end" during the remote support session?

Losing connectivity with the remote computer with an error message "Connection lost at the remote end". The reasons for this situation may be as follows.

Is the remote computer connected to the internet?

Make sure that the remote computer has a stable internet connection. The computer might have a problem in communicating with the gateway if there is an internet connectivity issue.

Have you tried to Reboot/Logoff/Switch User Accounts while running Zoho Assist as a service in the remote computer?

You may get the error message "Connection lost at the remote end" until the remote computer reconnects while trying to Reboot/Logoff/Switch User.

Have you initiated a system shutdown?

You will permanently lose connectivity if the technician or customer tries to Shut Down the remote computer. 

Is your system firewall/antivirus software interfering with Zoho Assist?

The remote computer may have problems in reaching the gateway due to firewall/antivirus configurations. See Unable to connect behind firewall for details.


You can reconnect to the remote computer by initiating a new session. Make sure that there are no network connectivity issues at both ends.

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