Configuring the firewall to be compatible with Zoho Assist

Ensure the following to make Zoho Assist work beyond the system firewalls,

  1. Exclude Domains in the firewall and proxy settings.
  2. Allow certain Ports in the firewall settings
  3. Include executable files or exclude directories in the firewall.


Exclude TCP and Web Socket protocols for the following domains from your firewall and proxy settings

  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *

Now, Zoho Assist has mapped all the IP addresses of our global Gateway network, to a single domain name, By resolving this domain name, you can easily automate your IP whitelisting and ensure your database firewall rules are constantly updated.


How to allow ports in the firewall?

  1. Open Windows Firewall from the search.

  2. Click Advanced settings.

  1. To allow our ports, you must individually set new rules in both Inbound Rules and Outbound Rules.

  • Click New Rule from the right pane.

  • Click on Port and proceed Next.

  • Mention the ports 80 and 443 when connecting to specific remote ports.



  • Click on Allow the connection. 


  • Select all checkboxes. 

  • Give a name for the rule and click 'finish'. 


How to allow applications through the firewall?

  • If you get a security alert from Windows blocking our Zoho assist application (like the one below),


To provide access to the application, follow the steps below -

1. Open Windows security from the search.

2. Click on Firewall & network protection.

3. Click the Allow an app through the firewall option. 


4. Click the Change settings button.

5. Check for the "Zoho Assist" application and select it.

6. Click ok.                                                                                                       



Executable Files

Configure your firewall and anti-virus settings to allow the following executables

  • ZA_Upgrader
  • agent.exe
  • ZMAgent.exe
  • ZohoURSService.exe
  • ZohoMeeting.exe
  • ZohoTray.exe
  • ZohoURS.exe

( or )


Exclude the following directories from your firewall.

  • 32 bit OS - %localappdata%/zohomeeting/, %programfiles%/ZohoMeeting 
  • 64 bit OS - %localappdata%/zohomeeting/, %programfiles(x86)%/ZohoMeeting
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