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Simple and
secured mobile app analytics platform

A mobile application analytics tool to measure the key in-app metrics. Understand how your app is performing, analyze usage trends, and optimize your app. Engage, retain, and convert your first time app users to lifetime users.

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A complete stack of solution

Pie Chart
App developer
  • Crashes247
  • UI150
  • UD170
API Test
App marketers
New Devices (ND)
Active Devices (AD)
App manager
Retention Analytics
Total Reviews9

For App Developers

Observe the in-app trends to understand your app’s behaviour and configure in-app customizations from within the console.


For App Marketers

Monitor the user drop-off and churn rate to engage and retain your users.


For App Managers

Data-driven insights to help you strategize your app’s entire lifecycle.

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  • Proactive crash analytics
  • Enhanced user engagement
  • Offer rich in-app experiences
  • Boosted store ratings
  • Increased daily active devices
Measure the stats Benifits events Benifits analytics    

Lightweight mobile-first SDKs to empower your mobile app analytics needs

Powerful, reliable, and secured SDK for in-app usage trends, in-app performance, and app store optimization.

  • Measure
  • Analyze
  • Optimize
Optimize your app  


Easily measure your app’s performance, ratings, and reviews with accurate data from your app.


Efficiently analyze how your users are interacting with your app.

Custom events in mobile apps
Screen tracking for mobile apps
Measure new devices Measure optimize new devices Remote configuration    


Desirably optimize the in-app experience for your users.

Support for multiple platforms


A Privacy by design solution

We don’t just say it, we mean it!

Zoho Apptics has been built on privacy by design principles - that means we take care of all things `Privacy` so that your user’s data is SAFE and SECURED.

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Zoho Apptics works great individually. But, it works a cut above when integrated with other Zoho services. The deep integration with our family of apps makes us ‘THE’ solution you need for your apps.

Tired of data silos? Your search ends here.

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