Unified Business Analytics

Unify organizational data with pre-built integrations across business applications — marketing, sales, support, finance, and HR. Quickly get insights with ready-made KPI dashboards and reports blending across business functions. Build your own interactive, in-depth KPI dashboards to analyze, dissect, and unearth end-to-end insights. Arrive at informed, data-driven decisions.

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Here is how Unified Analytics can help you

Get data from anywhere

Get data from 250+ data sources such as files, feeds, cloud storage, local and cloud databases, and popular business apps. Schedule automatic data sync, analyze data in real-time, and understand your business health.

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Automatic data blending

Integrate data from multiple apps and Zoho Analytics will automatically blend it to provide you with 360° insights into your business. For example, combine data from your Salesforce CRM and Zendesk to understand how your customer support impacts the purchases and retention.


Powerful pre-built analytics

Instantly kick start your analytics journey with hundreds of valuable pre-built domain specific KPIs that provide real-time insights. Additionally, you can also build your own ad-hoc reports and dashboards to suit specific needs.

Smart interpretation

Ask questions, get insights

Start a conversation with Zia, ask her anything about your business, and get meaningful insights in the form of KPIs and powerful visualizations. Zia understands your domain data and business lingo, and combines them to build visualizations for you. Your insights are now just a chat away!

informed decisions

Get the business big picture

Don't let data silos prevent you from seeing the big picture. Unify all your business data and get a holistic, bird's eye view of your organization in seconds and plan for the future with powerful forecasting and predictive analytics.

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Integrate with your favorite apps

  • Zoho SalesIQ
  • Zoho CRM
  • Zoho Books
  • Zoho Analytics
  • Quickbooks
  • Google Ads
  • Zoho Desk
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What our customer says

“We bring all data into one workspace and Zoho Analytics looks up the relationship between this data and creates reports and dashboards. All this data can be integrated in one single monthly graph in different colours so a complete performance report for PREMO group, 12 months in the past and 12 months in the future, is ready within minutes”

Claudio Cabeza

Business Development Director, PREMO Group
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