From recruitment to off boarding, People management made easier with HR analytics

Analyze your screening process for quality hiring, and measure your employee productivity, engagement, and satisfaction to create a happier workforce. Identify the reasons for attrition and improve your culture with exit process analysis.

HR Analytics Software - Zoho Analytics

HR analytics software for recruitment and onboarding analysis

Recruit the best-suited candidates for your organization and simplify the onboarding process.

Improve hiring quality

Visualize applicant data with reports and hire the candidates who best fit your organization. Reduce hiring costs by selecting candidates who will stay with you for the long term.

Initiate a smoother onboarding process

Enrich your onboarding process by better understanding employees and their roles, so you can reduce early attrition.

  • Improve hiring quality
  • Smoother onboarding process
Improve hiring quality | HR Analytics Tool Smoother onboarding process | HR Analytics Software

HR analytics for effective people management

Keep your employees productive and build an employee-friendly organization.

Measure productivity

Measure the productivity of your employees by tracking attendance and time, and set alerts when someone runs low on time or attendance.

Create a happier workforce

Increase employee engagement by developing strategies and personalizing incentives based on their interests, in order to foster a more rewarding work environment.

  • Measure productivity
  • Create a happier workforce
Marking workforce happier | HR Analytics Platform Create a happier workforce

Attrition analysis

Reduce employee churn by understanding the attrition trend and reasons for attrition.

Take actions based on your attrition trend

Visualize the trends in your attrition rate and boost or slow down your hiring. Get in-depth analysis of factors—like the designation, age, and more—of employees in the attrition phase, and take necessary actions to replace them.

Understand the reasons behind exits

Find out the common trends for leaving the company by analyzing your exit process—then acknowledge the reasons and work on reducing them.

  • Attrition analysis
  • Reasons behind exits
Attrition Trend & Analysis | HR Analytics Software Understand the reasons behind exits

Metrics that matter for enhancing your HR process

  • Talent acquisition
  • People management
  • Exit process
  • Talent acquisition metrics
  • People management metrics
  • Exit process metrics

Talent acquisition metrics

Talent acquisition metrics
  • Cost per hire

    This is the expense involved in hiring one candidate. It includes marketing spent for job openings, employees per hire, outbound activities, travel, and more.

  • Offer acceptance rate

    This is the percentage of candidates accepting your job offers.

  • How to reduce

    You can reduce the cost per hire by improving the quality of your hires, which in turn will increase how long employees stay at your company.

  • How to improve

    You can improve this metric by revising the CTC, job description, and culture of your company. You can also look for how your competitors are attracting candidates.

People management metrics

People management metrics
  • Revenue per employee

    This is the average revenue that every single employee brings in to the company. High revenue with fewer employees indicates the quality of your workforce.

  • Employee engagement rate

    This refers to the engagement of your employees in their work and other organizational activities. It’s measured by their attendance, timesheet, and output.

  • How to improve

    You can increase this by hiring the right people for each respective job role, which results in fewer employees working on particular tasks and higher revenue per employee.

  • How to improve

    You can improve your employee engagement rate by understanding your employees’ interests and giving them challenging tasks based on them. You can also give out personalized incentives for their performance.

Exit process metrics

Exit process metrics
  • Reasons for attrition

    These are the reasons why an employee has quit your organization. It can be for higher studies, better job offers, a career switch, dissatisfaction, retirement, or, in the worst case, termination.

  • Net promotion

    This refers to how likely your employees are to recommend your company to others after quitting, and it’s based on their job satisfaction at your organization.

  • How to reduce

    You can’t do much about employees who quit for retirement or school, but you can work to find out why your employees.

  • How to improve

    You can improve your net promotion by analyzing the trends in feedback and the reasons for job switches.

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Doug Freeman CEO of nCentix

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