Airtable - Zoho Analytics Integration

Airtable is an easy-to-use online platform for creating and sharing relational databases. Integration with Airtable is part of our to-do-list and we'll be enabling it in the near future. Meanwhile, for apps/tools without direct integration with Zoho Analytics (such as Airtable), 

  1. You can export the data files (such as CSV, XML, XLSX, PDF, HTML) from your app/tool, and import them using the Files option available in Zoho Analytics. 
  2. You can generate API to pull data from your app/tool and import using the Feeds/URL option in Zoho Analytics.
  3. You can use our integration platform (Zapier/Zoho Flow) to connect your data with Zoho Analytics.
    • Zapier supports integration with Airtable. You can use Zapier to integrate Airtable with Zoho Analytics.
  4. You can use Sync Inc tool - a tool to query Airtable using SQL,  to import the Airtable data into Zoho Analytics. 

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