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Your customers do more digital/online operations and generate vast amounts of data. Now, they need to get actionable insights from all this data to help them make business decisions. Meet this need by embedding Zoho Analytics inside your application. Launch your embedded Zoho Analytics solution within days!

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Get data from any source

Use 250+ prebuilt connectors to popular business apps and any JDBC/ODBC databases.


Self-service AI Analytics

Get insights using natural language querying or self-exploratory capabilities.


Completely Customizable!

Match the look-and-feel of your app with customization and API-driven controls for styling reports and dashboards.

See how companies get value by embedding Zoho Analytics!

Dan Craddock

Co-founder, CATALYST

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CATALYST, Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions

  • Analytics used in performance monitoring solution
  • Typical end customer uses 50M rows of data
  • Embedded Analytics generates 50% of revenues
  • End customers reduce inventory by 15-20%
Jeroen Mahler

Managing Director, Cobrowser

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Cobrowser, secure chat and co-browsing software

  • Correlates chat wait times to customer satisfaction 
  • Zoho Analytics is the report/presentation layer for their customers
  • Enables custom queries for their clients and enhances business value
Harsh Kohli

Founder, Peri CRM

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Peri CRM, CRM solutions for the Indian retail market

  • Typical customer uses 40M rows of data
  • 50% increase in customer engagement after embedding Analytics
  • Embedded Analytics increased revenue by 25%

"A remarkable 84 percent of Zoho Analytics users say they would definitely recommend the software to others."

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