Viatek replaces Qlik with Zoho Analytics for their strategic business analytics

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    50+Trusted users
    4 hoursTime Saved
    3Different Datasources

"For deeper and more concentrated analysis, Zoho Analytics is ideal. It directly integrates with Salesforce CRM and processes lots of data in a simple way. I can now slice and dice our sales data in a more presentable way".

- Stephen Shorter, General Manager - Solutions Group, Viatek

About Viatek

Viatek, is a services-based organization delivering tailored business solutions across all aspects of print, IT, and communications. With a comprehensive service portfolio, extending across managed print and IT services, cloud solutions and unified communications, they deliver bespoke solutions. They partner with global leaders such as Microsoft, HP, WatchGuard, Access4, and Fuji Xerox. Viatek is Australian owned and operated.


General Manager of the Solutions Group at Viatek, Stephen Shorter's primary responsibility was to provide deep business insights to shareholders, senior management, and C-level executives.

Viatek needed to analyze large amount of sales, operational, and client data coming in from Salesforce, ERP, and internal databases. Their existing tools—QlikView and Qlik Sense—couldn't handle the job.

Qlik became overly difficult for Viatek to use and adapt. As the company's requirements became more and more complex, with data coming in from multiple sources, in-depth analysis became a challenge. Given this complexity, Viatek had to hire a third-party data consultant to analyze data in Qlik.

Stephen wanted a simple self-service BI solution that's easy to use and collaborate on, and enables end-to-end business analysis across all their functions.

Viatek wanted a solution that could:

  • Analyze data, from multiple sources like Salesforce, ERP, and internal databases
  • Simple and self-service BI features for creating visually appealing and insightful reports and dashboards
  • Enable collaborative analytics with business heads, shareholders, and C-level executives

"We needed several training sessions when using Qlik. It was overly complex and we had to constantly rely on a third-party consultant or data scientist for analyzing the data. It wasn't a self- service BI tool, so I looked for one where I'd have more control."

Stephen Shorter
General Manager - Solutions Group, Viatek


Stephen Shorter was already a customer of Zoho CRM when he was an independent consultant, before joining Viatek. His experience with Zoho products, and his search for an end-to-end BI, brought him to Zoho Analytics. 

"Zoho Analytics is extremely user friendly. You don’t necessarily need to understand the data—Zoho does it for you and asks if you want to blend two different tables for creating reports. Also, with capabilities like filtering, it gives me greater control on how I want to present my data. Very simple and practical. This is probably the best BI tool."

With Zoho Analytics, data was integrated from Salesforce, ERPs and internal cloud databases. Using built-in connectors and data connectivity options, Viatek could easily blend data from all these different sources, and was able to perform in-depth analysis across all business functions.

With features like drag and drop, robust visualizations, and filters, reports were created within minutes, without the need of a data scientist. Advanced features like custom formulas, drill down, and forecasting further enabled them to access deep insights into their data. 

Viatek uses Zoho Analytics mainly for sales, service, and customer insight analytics:

  • Sales analytics: KPIs like target vs. achieved, year-over-year growth, sales and comparative views were analyzed to track sales performance.
  • Service analytics: SLAs like service call ratios, service uptime, machine uptime, and operational efficiencies were analyzed to track customer service levels.
  • Customer insights: Metrics like how many copies a customer is using year-over-year, and copies per device per location were analyzed. Viatek's salespeople used these reports during customer meetings.

These reports are shared with over 50 people from the sales and service teams.

Earlier, when Stephen had to create dashboards for monthly sales meetings, it took several hours to pull data from multiple sources, and then create reports. Now it's done in minutes.

The dashboards created with Zoho Analytics are shared with shareholders, C-level executives, sales teams, and customers. These dashboards are accessible at any time, from anywhere, and with its interactivity features, it enabled users to do ad hoc analysis easily.

Zoho Analytics enabled Viatek to make strategic business decisions with more confidence, backed with insights from data. It has become their go-to tool for high end business analytics.

"Zoho Analytics drastically reduced the hours spent in fetching, analyzing, and presenting data. I can now log in from anywhere, at any time, using any device and create dashboards in no time."

Benefits & results

  • Enabled end-to-end business analytics
  • Reduced time taken to create reports and dashboards from 4 hours to minutes 
  • Provided more control over data
  • Enabled collaborative analytics with 50+ users
  • Brought out best practices for businesses through insights gathered from data.