Umbrella Infocare improves its agents' productivity using Zoho Analytics

    30+Trusted users
    50%Productivity Increase
    4Different Datasources

"Zoho Analytics enabled UIC to increase our agents' productivity by 50% and brought in more visibility and control on our customer service processes."

- Kajal Hisaria, Head of Operations, Umbrella Infocare

About Umbrella Infocare

Umbrella Infocare's (UIC), is a cloud services company helping organizations achieve digital transformation with a large team of certified and experienced engineers navigating the cloud journey of customers across verticals by migrating deployments and designing robust, scalable architectures.

Umbrella designs cloud native applications to enable organizations achieve scale at speed. Unpinned by DevOps principles, cloud native enables to take advantage of automation, micro-services architectures and serverless technologies.

Their Big Data and Analytics team help organizations unlock value in data by designing data management strategy—capturing, storing, transforming and making data readily available for business analytics.

As a Managed Services Provider (MSP), they help customers achieve continuous cost optimizations and performance enhancements with infrastructure audits, 24x7 support and SLA-driven operational excellence. The Umbrella DNA relentlessly focuses on innovation to harvest technology benefits, so that customers can focus on their business.

Challenges: Huge data from multiple apps

Kajal Hisaria is the Head of Operations at UIC. Her primary responsibilities are to own the complete support services of UIC, centralize analytics and reporting across all business functions, and provide deep business insights to C-level executives.

UIC has a huge data store generated from their support and HR functions, and analyzing it was a big challenge.

The company needed to analyze the productivity of support agents, customer satisfaction levels, and attrition within the company. They were looking for a centralized analytics solution that could bring data from all these sources into one place, and present meaningful information on dashboards that could also be collaborated on with senior management.

UIC wanted a solution that could:

  • Blend data for end-to-end insights on operations
  • Create insightful reports and dashboards, and publish them to C-level executives
  • Enable secure sharing of reports and dashboards with user-based permissions

"We started using Zoho CRM first, and then subscribed to other products like Zoho Desk, Zoho Projects, and Zoho People. We were looking for a centralized BI solution that could integrate well with these applications."

Kajal Hisaria
Head of Operations, Umbrella Infocare

Solution: End-to-end operations & HR insights using Zoho Analytics

UIC was already using multiple Zoho apps. And since most of their data resided with Zoho, they considered Zoho Analytics as their natural solution, as the integration between all these applications would be quick to set up. They didn't look at other BI tools, as Zoho Analytics matched their requirements perfectly.

"UIC integrated Zoho Desk and Zoho People with Zoho Analytics first. With Desk and Analytics integration we get a complete picture of customer satisfaction and agent productivity at any point in time. With People and Analytics integration, we now have a single time sheet across our company, with detailed views of customers, employees, and live projects."

As a first step, Zoho Desk and Zoho People data was integrated and blended into Zoho Analytics for end-to-end business insights, using Zoho Analytics's built-in connectors and auto-blending options.

Features like easy integration with Zoho apps, drill-downs, user filters, visual interactions, drag and drop, and many more, enabled their top management to slice and dice data with ease.

The company uses Zoho Analytics for analyzing, managing and tracking:

  • Support KPIs, like average resolution time per ticket, total overdue tickets, total number of incidents, total number of hours an agent has put in, and SLA breaches.
  • HR KPIs, like attendance, attrition rate, training hours, incentives, and more.

With Zoho Analytics, UIC was able to identify gaps in customer experience and started focusing on them. Complete visibility about each agent, their productivity, how long a ticket has been pending, how many SLA breaches were happening each month, common issues raised by customers, and more, are available now at the click of a button. This gives the Operations Head a complete picture at any point in time, with areas identified to improve customer experience.

On the people side, Zoho Analytics enabled UIC to create a single dashboard with a detailed view of the total number of employees, customers, attrition rate, incentives, and number of projects currently live, across any location, simplifying HR operations.

On top of day-to-day use, the reports and dashboards created from Zoho Analytics are published to the UIC leadership team and customers every month.

Implementing Zoho Analytics enabled UIC to improve their customer service process, and agent productivity by bringing in more visibility on their support metrics.

As a result, agent productivity had gone up by 50% over last year. Following this, UIC started integrating Zoho CRM and Zoho Projects into Zoho Analytics to reap even further benefits.

Benefits & results

  • Increase in support agent's productivity by 50%
  • Enable end-to-end support analytics
  • Identify SLA breaches well before time
  • Identify training needs
  • Collaborative analytics with 30+ users.