Synergy Resources achieves its sales targets using Zoho Analytics

    90+Trusted users
    50%Increase in sales close rate
    48 hrsTime saved per month

"Zoho Analytics has allowed easy access to reporting and metrics across the organization. With this solution, even non-technical resources were able to quickly develop and publish reports. This has freed us from relying on one of our technical consultants and kept them available for customer facing billable time."

- Alexander Campo
Customer Care and Sales Operations Manager, Synergy Resources

About Synergy Resources

Synergy Resources, started as an ERP Sales & Services Company in 1994, focusing primarily on one ERP product line for its customers. As a VAR, they've partnered with hundreds of customers across the United States and Canada to provide professional services, technical consulting, and custom programming solutions. Their changing business model now incorporates three ERP product lines, a diverse set of services, and a large ecosystem of ERP-agnostic solutions.


Alexander Campo heads the customer care department and reports directly to the Executive Vice President of Sales at Synergy Resources. His key responsibilities include handling sales operations and customer service.

Synergy Resources recently adopted Zoho CRM as their primary customer service and sales system. With an enormous amount of sales and operational data stored in its CRM and other internal databases, a BI solution with more advanced reporting and analytics capability was needed.

Prior to using Zoho Analytics, they were using Crystal Reports and Excel. Both these tools were not capable of handling their advanced analytics needs. Crystal Reports was too complex to use and integration with CRM was a challenge—they had to depend on technical staff to generate reports. On the other hand, Excel required a lot of manual entry, which ate up otherwise-useful time.

They were looking for a BI tool which was less complex, easy to integrate with Zoho CRM, and allowed collaboration across the organization.

Synergy Resources wanted a solution that could:

  • Enable easy, self-service reporting and analysis
  • Integrate and blend data from Zoho CRM and internal databases
  • Create insightful customer satisfaction and sales analytics dashboards for analysis
  • Enable collaboration of dashboards across the organization

"We had to depend on technical staff to deliver reports from our old CRM system using Crystal Reports, but that was not comprehensive. On the other hand, our Executive VP of Sales & Marketing was developing reports and metrics manually in Excel using hand-keyed raw data. We wanted a complete BI solution, that could deliver comprehensive analytics to our sales team."

Alexander Campo
Customer Care and Sales Operations Manager of Synergy Resources


Being a Zoho CRM customer, Synergy Resources discovered Zoho Analytics from the Zoho Marketplace. They considered Zoho Analytics due to its seamless integration with Zoho CRM.

"With Zoho Analytics, sales reps are now able to see exactly where they stand versus their targets. Automation of reports gave them more time to be with customers uncovering opportunities and closing deals. This resulted in all our sales team members hit their quarterly quota for the last 4 fiscal quarters. Currently, our sales organization is on target to hit our yearly goal with a 50% closed rate so far at this half-year."

With Zoho Analytics, they were able to pull data from CRM and internal databases and create dashboards for their sales team within minutes.

Using Zoho Analytics's query tool, they were able to join tables and create blended reports. The other features they loved were the built-in reports and ability to publish dashboards in a public URL.

Synergy Resources uses Zoho Analytics primarily for sales and customer analytics:

  • In Sales Analytics, individual and team metrics against target attainment, quarterly and yearly goals, sales made by product line, new customer vs base customer sales, are tracked. Synergy Resources is now able to track the performance of every sales rep at any time.
  • On Customer Analytics, reports, like customer growth, and customer segmentation to prioritize high-value customers from the rest, are generated.

Dashboards for specific marketing and sales campaigns were created and are now shared with 90+ users, across the company.

As a result, an average of 3 to 4 days per month is saved by the sales team, in mining data and creating manual sales reports. Customer analytics dashboards, which used to take 2 days to create, are now being done in minutes.

Benefits & results

  • Reduced time taken to create reports and dashboards from 48 hours to minutes
  • Brought in 100% transparency in sales metrics
  • Enabled collaborative analytics with 90+ users
  • Provided more control over data