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Alan SwaffordSearchfield Electrical Ltd

Was I to try my hand at developing my own reporting system, I would have ended up spending somewhere around $5K - $10K. Zoho Analytics certainly helped me save on a lot of cash.


Searchfield Electrical Ltd is a consultative sales and service organization in New Zealand, offering strong expertise and support, and building long term relationships with customers to supply their electrical and electronic needs.


Alan Swafford, the Director and Owner of Searchfield Electrical Ltd, is a Google Apps user. He was looking for a reporting tool that would simplify his task of maintaining and managing his customer base. For an organization like Searchfield which aims at developing a strong relationship with its customers, Swafford was looking out for a tool which will simplify his work for him - a tool that would help him in analyzing what the current needs of the customers are and in turn prepare him in helping meet their future needs proactively.

Swafford was looking for a reporting tool that Google might offer, but he couldn't find any. He was even looking at building his own in-house reporting tool. It was during this time that he came across Zoho and evaluated Zoho Analytics


Swafford was very much impressed while playing around with Zoho Analytics from the start. He feels his work has been simplified. Now he is able to manage his customers' needs proactively and efficiently. Zoho Analytics has saved SearchField Electrical a lot of time and money.

Swafford configured automatic data uploads from Searchfield's own custom application, which works over the cloud. This has helped him to ease the data import process keeping it live & current always. With the data import process in place, Swafford used the intuitive drag & drop interface of Zoho Analytics to slice & dice his data to create the required reports & dashboards highlighting the key performance indicators in quick time.

Of the various uses Swafford has put Zoho Analytics to, the ability to share reports/dashboards with customers, by ensuring only relevant information is visible to them is the best. This sharing capability of Zoho Analytics has also made it easy for his customers to view reports on the move. Reports being easily accessible with the latest information enabled customers to have a greater visibility on their business transactions with SearchField Electrical.

The support staff of Zoho Analytics are excellent. During the initial phase, I was fumbled with a specific use-case, which was addressed by the support team within 24 hours. I was amazed with the solution.

Benefits & Results

Here are some of the benefits and results Zoho Analytics brought into the functioning of Searchfield Electrical Ltd:

  • One stop solution to all reporting requirements.
  • Automatic data upload has ensured that data is current and available at any time.
  • Better visibility to customers on their transactions with Searchfield Electrical.
  • Clear visibility of Key Performance Indicators of the business.
  • Flexibility in creating reports, through the drag-&-drop interface.
  • Inexpensive and easy to maintain business solution.