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Diego Isla MontesQipert

With Zoho Analytics, we can access our data from anywhere, and sharing of reports has become a lot easier.


Qipert does mortgage services, for a large group of banks in Spain and Mexico.


Like any other financial services company, Qipert had a lot of data to be stored and processed. Only the employees in the head office had easy access to this data. Sharing data specific reports to different departments and individuals was difficult. The IT department's challenge was to store all the data centrally, and make the reports accessible from anywhere by all Qipert employees.


With the help of Zoho Analytics, Qipert employees now have access to all information and reports, on the go. Not having to create a VPN in each laptop every time to access information, has made their IT department's work much easier.

We changed to Zoho Analytics because of the need of having the information available anywhere, and not just for our employees in the main office. If our employees travel, or if some client or associate needs to access some of the reports, we don't have to create an VPN now, for them to access our servers. This makes our work in IT a lot more easier, as we don't have to set up an VPN in each laptop of our company.

The implementation of Zoho Analytics has saved our IT department a lot of time. And the overall efficiency of the organization has improved.

Benefits & Results

Zoho Analytics solved the three primary problems of Qipert.

  • With Zoho Analytics, Qipert's IT department now creates specific, user friendly reports for each of the departments. So, each department now accesses relevant data with ease, by clicking and seeing the underlying data in the reports.
  • Zoho Analytics has helped Qipert's IT department in sharing the reports with individual users, without having the need to do any additional configuration.
  • The IT department now filters which categories of data need to be shared with each user (using the filter criteria option). Hence the need for creating different reports with different filters for each user, is avoided.