Mitrefinch increases customer satisfaction scores by 20% using Zoho Analytics

    100+Trusted Users
    20%Increase in Customer Satisfaction
    13 hoursReduced in First Call Resolution

"With Zoho Analytics, Mitrefinch’s customer satisfaction scores grew to 80% from 60%, and our first call resolution time decreased from 20 hours to just 7 hours".

- James Bell, Customer Experience Director, Mitrefinch

About Mitrefinch

Mitrefinch, is a global provider of Workforce Management solutions for organizations that need to monitor and manage their workforce while controlling labor costs. The company provides intelligent employee management solutions to 4,500 medium-to-large organizations, in both the public and private sectors.


Customer Experience Director James Bell heads the global customer support for Mitrefinch in the UK, Australia, the US, and Canada. One of his key responsibilities was to develop a customer program strategy, with a focus on improving customer experience. To accomplish this, he needed deep insights into customer support metrics.

Mitrefinch has complex sets of data that are generated from their global customer support functions. Analyzing it was a big challenge. Their initial BI tool, Microsoft Excel, couldn't handle such a complex task.

They then tried Microsoft Power BI, but weren't convinced, as their requirement was to find a solution that integrates and blends massive amounts of data, not just from Zoho Desk, their support solution, but also from in-house databases and Salesforce. Power BI did not meet these needs.

Mitrefinch, wanted a solution that:

  • Integrates and blends, data from all data sources, without manual intervention
  • Analyze and create insightful customer support dashboards, segmented by country, region, and customers
  • Enable secured sharing of reports globally, with user-based permissions
Mitrefinch increases customer satisfaction scores by 20% using Zoho Analytics

"To analyze the huge sets of data generated from our global customer support functions was a challenge. We were using Excel, and it didn’t serve our purpose. Our internal IT team was using Power BI, but we didn’t find the tool ideal for integrating and blending large amounts of data from multiple sources like Zoho Desk, in-house databases, and Salesforce"

James Bell
Customer Experience Director, Mitrefinch


Being a Zoho Desk customer, Mitrefinch came across Zoho Analytics. Since most of their support data resided in Zoho Desk, they considered Zoho Analytics an ideal solution, as the integration between them was quick to set up.

"Integration between Zoho Desk and Zoho Analytics was seamless. Within minutes, customer support data was imported into Zoho Analytics and analysis got done."

With Zoho Analytics, Mitrefinch is now able to pull data from Zoho Desk, Salesforce, and in-house databases, to analyze and create weekly support team reports, global KPI reports, and KPI dashboards—all segmented by country.

Mitrefinch found Zoho Analytics dashboard widgets to be beneficial and appealing. They created 33 widgets and 16 reports for two of their key dashboards, one internal and another customer facing.

The next feature they loved was the formula engine, which was used to derive different customer KPI metrics to analyze and track customers. Their dashboards were shared with 100 users, while only 3 key users had permissions to edit.

With Zoho Analytics, Mitrefinch was able to identify gaps in customer experience and started focusing on them in earnest.

As a result, Mitrefinch’s customer satisfaction scores grew from 60% to 80%, and their first call resolution time decreased from 20 hours to 7 hours. The company leadership also liked the 100% transparency in support insights, which weren't possible before.

Benefits & results

  • Customer satisfaction scores increased to 80% from 60%
  • First call resolution decreased from 20 hours to 7 hours
  • 100% transparency in support metrics
  • Powerful analytics platform to analyze all customer information and derive insights in a moment's notice.