Maxim Facilities Management - Maximizes sales forecasting with Zoho Analytics.

David H. Conway​IT and Marketing Manager

Zoho Analytics has allowed us to transform how we analyze our sales activity and drastically improve our conversion rate.


  • Seamless integration with Zoho CRM enabling deeper sales analytics​
  • Predict and close deals much faster​
  • Accurate Sales forecasting and Robust reporting​

About the Company

Maxim Facilities Management ​ is a leading multi award-winning facilities management company operating across the UK. Its main services include daily commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning, window cleaning, washroom services, ground maintenance, and winter gritting. The Maxim team's customer-focused approach has enabled them to attract business from a wide range of prestigious businesses and public sector organizations across the UK.​


We were using Microsoft Excel prior to Zoho Analytics. It was quite cumbersome and did not provide us the insights that we were looking for from our data. We needed a tool that would allow us to crunch our numbers. Besides, it was also time consuming and we were a little dubious about the output.

They needed a BI solution that would give them an overview of their sales activity in a click: a tool that would help them forecast their sales trends accurately by drilling down into their sales history. The team was looking for something robust that would provide them with a wide range of charting functionalities.


The Maxim team was using Zoho CRM to track their sales activities and to keep their sales processes streamlined. Since they were already happy customers of Zoho CRM, they immediately tried Zoho Analytics advanced analytics add-on for Zoho CRM .The team loved the way Zoho Analytics could transform their raw data. With the robust reporting functionalities offered by Zoho Analytics, there has been no turning back. This is how Maxim replaced Excel with Zoho Analytics as their primary BI tool.

Zoho Analytics has allowed us to transform how we report our sales activity. We can now see accurate forecasts immediately without having to spend hours in spreadsheets. Our sales reporting is now all done automatically using the Zoho CRM advanced analytics add-on. We are now able to track the leads that get converted to deals effectively using funnels. This helps us to easily analyze where most of the prospects are lost and helps in devising plans to improve the conversion rate.

Benefits & Results

  • Maxim completely replaced Excel with Zoho Analytics as their primary BI tool​
  • Seamless Integration with Zoho CRM enabling deeper sales analytics and accurate forecasting
  • Deep visualization:​ The drag-and-drop interface of Zoho Analytics allows them to easily create any type of report within seconds
  • Exploratory analytics​:​ The drill down capability of Zoho Analytics enables them to visually analyze their data and derive great insights
  • Automation and accuracy​:​ Saved significant time spent on manual reporting eliminating inaccuracies