Magnifi converts 9 out of 10 leads, using Zoho Analytics

    9 out of 10Leads Converted

"We have embedded Zoho Analytics within our internally developed financial services software. Whenever I have a new client meeting, I demonstrate the Ask Zia feature of Zoho Analytics with a question like "what was my income last month?" It's quick reply or a visual fascinates my clients and they say, 'This is what we want'. It allows me to show them that we are a forward thinking company partnered with a global company like Zoho."

Craig Roxby
Managing Director, Magnifi

About Magnifi

Magnifi, is the complete forecasting and reporting solution for Business Advisors. It helps businesses to be more future focused with features such as Financial Forecasting, Capacity Planning, and Performance monitoring and Interactive Dashboards (powered by Zoho).

Challenges: BI solution that integrates with in house apps

Magnifi integrates with Xero to do financial forecasting and analysis. This provides businesses with more clarity about where they are heading and more confidence with their decision making.

Craig Roxby is the managing director of Magnifi. His role is to be involved in product development, customer relations and business development. He was in need of a BI solution that integrates with their in-house software to create visual analytics of data.

Using analysis, the company wanted to effectively:

  • do financial forecasting for clients
  • help clients understand trends and highlight key insights
  • improve the clients financial performance
  • increase their lead conversion rates and business

They use Magnifi for their clients forecasting and management reporting needs, and the need was to integrate this with a BI solution. The company tried Microsoft Power BI but found it very cumbersome to integrate with their in-house software.

A big challenge for Craig, was to blend the data with Magnifi and gain insights from it. He was aware that many businesses get overwhelmed with financial data and he was seeking a solution that would present a clear picture of how their business was performing and highlight critical insights.

Earlier they were using Microsoft Excel, but that required continuous manual intervention and very complex when it came to analyzing multiple data sets together.

Magnifi wanted a solution that could:

  • Import and blend raw data from in-house software applications
  • Simple customisation so users can tailor the dashboards to suit their needs
  • Interactive dashboards to enhance user experience
  • Get actionable financial insights through reports and dashboards
  • Enable Collaboration with user-based permissions
Magnifi converts 9 out of 10 leads, using Zoho Analytics

"I wanted a BI tool that not only integrates seamlessly with our software but also allows our users to interact with charts and dashboards. Moreover, I wanted it to help us streamline all data in one place as we work with clients from multiple industries. I didn’t want any off the shelf solution but wanted something that the client could align to their needs."

Craig Roxby
Managing Director, Magnifi

Solution: Impactful business decisions through Zoho Analytics

The company considered Zoho Analytics an ideal solution, as they were using Zoho Desk & Zoho Billing integrated within Magnifi Software.

Zoho Analytics is embedded within Magnifi software. The integration between the two was quick and seamless. Features like lookup for joining tables, formula engine, flexible filtering, visualizations like heat maps, geo maps, and interactive charts were found to be of great value. And the ability to build KPIs and track them in real time for all their clients were key.

Magnifi uses Zoho Analytics to analyze, manage, and track:

  • KPI indicators, like income, profit, margin, cash, capacity, utilisation rates, and more.
  • P&L analysis, like assessing profitability at a divisional or consolidated level including margins and comparing their actual results achieved with budgets and prior year results.
  • Forecasting, like future profits based on actual, future capacity planning etc.

"Data integration and visualisation is great in Zoho Analytics. One of our clients in the tourism industry uses geo maps. They have setup scheduled imports to extract 120,0000 booking records and using geo maps, they know where the guests are coming from and then use it to target specific locations on Google Ads to increase their revenue. For another client, we use heat maps to track the productivity percentage for their employees, where I slide the scale on the map to filter the highest performing vs lowest performing employees. Added the wow factor and was very well received. In fact, one of our healthcare client after seeing Zoho Analytics capabilities subscribed to Zoho Analytics and integrated their entire CRM system with Zoho Analytics."

Using Zoho Analytics, the end to end financial indictors are tracked, providing more clarity on their clients financial outlook, resulting in better decision making. This was critical in giving their clients what they needed – dashboards tailored to their business that would uncover key insights without having to get bogged down in the financial detail. With Zoho Analytics, they were able to convert nine out of ten leads.

The dashboards created with Zoho Analytics are shared with 50+ users and 20+ businesses to monitor performance. In addition, they also publish dashboards through links with passwords for easy distribution across clients.

Benefits & results

  • 9 out of 10 leads are converted every month
  • Accurate business prediction
  • Seamless embedding option within in-house software
  • Enabled secure collaboration with 50+ users