Envases uses Zoho Analytics Envases uses Zoho Analytics

María Inés PlazaDirector of Strategic Planning

We were using Microsoft Excel. It was difficult to make several standards calculations and to share with all the employees.


Envases is a plastic manufacturing company based out of Venezuela. They specialize in bags for food and industrial usage. They also offer bags made of bio-degradable material.


Envases' strategic planning department is responsible for coming up with a variety of reports that are to be shared across the organization. From automated balance scorecards to variable compensation pay for employees to sales forecasts, the reports needed are spread across a wide spectrum. As with many small and medium companies, the spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel) was the tool that was being used.


María Inés had used Zoho CRM in her earlier organization. She introduced Zoho CRM in Envases, as she knew Zoho CRM would help in better organization of Envases' sales department. Within a month, she subscribed to Zoho Analytics, as her planning department faced the above challenges.

Data comes from their ERP system (Microsoft Dynamics) and Zoho CRM. It is uploaded to Zoho Analytics once a day using the Zoho Analytics Upload Tool. María Inés adds that she can upload data every hour if she wants to, as the Upload Tool can run automatically at any specified time interval. While María Inés creates all the reports herself, the reports she create are consumed by more than 100 users in the company. The reports are based on 500,000 rows of data and 50 query tables.

For me, the documentation and the support provided by the Zoho Analytics team when setting up our initial reports was crucial. The integration between various Zoho products and the APIs were helpful too. To cap it all, Zoho Analytics allowed us to match several tables and do recurring calculations and analysis easily.

Benefits & Results

According to María Inés, Zoho Analytics is now saving her planning department two weeks of effort every month, due to the automation of all the metrics. She also holds a monthly meeting based on the "Balance Scorecard" dashboard, powered by Zoho Analytics.