Courier Logistics saves 40 hours per week with Zoho Analytics

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    40 hrsTime saved per week
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"With Zoho Analytics, the ability to visualize things became easy. Most of my managers now use Zoho dashboards and quickly create reports themselves. Its usability features, like easy drag and drop filters and drill down options, are top notch".

- Daniel Franey, Director & Shareholder, Courier Logistics Limited

About Courier Logistics

Established in 1994, Courier Logistics, started with two small aging vans and one big ambition to succeed. It's a logistics company that deals with clients from small vendors to full container accounts. They offer various logistics solutions like parcel and pallets, and services such as pick and pack. The company based its business model on its ability to deliver any size of parcel to anywhere in the world. Partnerships with companies such as APC and Pallet Track ensure the best options are available to their clients through a single-source solution.

Challenge: Multiple systems, diverse data

Daniel Franey is the director at Courier Logistics. He's been with the company for 13 years and his primary responsibility was to centralize analytics and reporting across all business functions.

Courier Logistics has many different business arms, including haulage, overnight parcels, pallet delivery, same-day delivery, storage and pick & pack. Most of these teams use different systems for storing information, and manually analyze and create reports in silos. These reports are sent to customers periodically to show the delivery performance of their packages.

The company had 700 active customer bookings every day, and needed a tool that tracked all these bookings and made insights out of them. The company was using Excel, and it didn't have the capability to automate reports, so every month it was a daunting task for the teams.

They were looking for a centralized analytics solution that could bring data from all these sources into one place, and present meaningful information on dashboards that could also be collaborated on with clients.

Courier Logistics wanted a BI solution that could:

  • Analyze data, received from multiple systems
  • Create insightful reports and dashboards, and publish them to employees and customers
  • Enable secured sharing of reports and dashboards with user-based permissions
Courier Logistics saves 40 hours per week with Zoho Analytics

"There are many different arms to the business. Most of them use different software for storing information and we need one place where we can suck all the information up into reports, and present it in a meaningful way."

Daniel Franey
Director & Shareholder of Courier Logistics Limited

Solution: End-to-end business insights

Courier Logistics was already a customer of Zoho Creator. Their search for a BI tool narrowed it down to Zoho Analytics, and after they tried the free version they were impressed by its capabilities. They did not look at other BI tools, as Zoho Analytics matched their requirements perfectly.

"We have 700 active customers that book every day, and one customer may use all our services. We can now quickly see a snapshot of that particular customer using Zoho Analytics. Before we had to look at each report from each system manually, which was difficult. Also, our proof of delivery reports—which tracks each and every delivery package—are tracked in minutes now. It's a very important metric for us. Having POD automated and in real time proves to our customers that we're legitimate, and that deliveries through us reach their customers successfully."

The company had the need to bring in data from multiple internal sources, such as dbase files, MySQL databases, and warehouse data through Zoho Creator.

With Zoho Analytics's built-in connector and data connectivity options, Creator data was seamlessly integrated and blended with data from internal databases for end-to-end business insights.

Features like drag and drop, drill downs, user filters, visual interactions, and much more, enabled department heads to visualize data with ease, without any IT support.

The company uses Zoho Analytics for tracking and reporting both operational KPIs and customer KPIs.

  • Operational KPIs, like customer bookings, package tracking, day-to-day performance, customer margin, and data revenue are monitored.
  • Customer KPIs, like in-depth customer profiling, service tracking, delivery performance, and more are captured.

Another key advantage for Courier Logistics is the automation of POD reports (Proof of Delivery). Historically it was done manually, but with Zoho Analytics, POD data is fed directly and insights are generated for customers within minutes.

Implementing Zoho Analytics reduced the need for Courier Logistics to hire a full-time employee for data analysis, freeing up those resources for other projects.

The reports and dashboards created from Zoho Analytics are shared with 120+ users, including, employees, customers, and leadership. These dashboards are accessible at an time, from anywhere, and with its interactivity features, it enabled users to do any analysis easily.

Benefits & results

  • Reduction of a full time resource, saving 40 hours per week
  • Enable end-to-end customer package tracking across all services
  • Simple BI solution reducing dependency on IT
  • Collaborative analytics with 120+ users