We take care of your health. Zoho Analytics takes care of our business analytics We take care of your health. Zoho Analytics takes care of our business analytics

Daniele PoggioCo-Owner of Aqualibria

I love the drag and drop interface. And also the ease of uploading my data automatically.


Aqualibria is a premier colonic irrigation spa in the UK. Aqualibria's co-owner Daniele Poggio explains how he is using Zoho Analytics.


Aqualibria uses a reservation booking software for booking appointments of its clients. But the software provided very little reporting.

I have been looking for a way to use the reports provided from the system and analyse trends. But the reports provided by our reservation system are very limited summaries.


Daniele was looking for a solution that fit his budget, yet provided utmost value. He tested several solutions but most of them were either very limited in functionality or the support was non-existent.

I tried Zoho Analytics because they offered help in setting up the data. And I was surprised at the speed and response I got from the support team. I felt like I had a BI expert on call, for free, to set me up. I honestly don't believe I could have had the same service with a higher end provider with less than $3000 initial investment, to say the least.

Zoho Analytics was very easy to implement and the support team was instrumental in setting up the first few reports - mainly because I am not proficient with the lexicon of SQL. Once I started to understand the few principles upon which Zoho Analytics is built, the drag and drop interface did the rest.

Benefits & Results

By going with Zoho Analytics, Daniele now enjoys the below benefits:

  • Helps him get the bird's eye view and to understand the macrotrends better.
  • Helps him with figures that rely heavily on number crunching, e.g., appointment cancellations vs. days of the week

There is really no downside to try/test a SAAS BI tool like Zoho Analytics. The cost is low and you are not tied in for a long time. Just go for it!