We added a new feature to Zoho Reports – Embedding Interactive Charts in your website/blog.

I am not sure about you, but I love the charts in Zoho Reports. It’s not just the ease of chart creation, but the ability to drill down to view the data behind the chart and the visual highlight on a mouse-over etc are very useful. These interactive charts can be viewed inside Zoho Reports, but when you embed these charts in web pages, blogs etc, the interactivity is lost. Check out our Olympics Dashboard or iPhone Reports for example where the charts are not completely interactive.

Our recent update changes this. You can now embed Zoho Reports’ interactive charts in web pages, blogs etc. The commonwealth dashboard now shows the interactive charts in action. Here is an embedded interactive chart from our 2008 Olympics Database.

Tip: Move your mouse on the label on the right to see the highlight. Click on the data points to see underlying data.

Embedding an interactive chart is very easy. Select the chart you want to embed and select ‘Embed in Website/Blog’ option under the Publish option. In the dialog, the default option is ‘Embed as Interactive Chart’. Copy and Paste the given code in your website/blog and you’ll see an interactive chart like the one above. You can also let users change the type of chart embedded by enabling the Toolbar option in the embed dialog. If you enable this option, the same chart will look like this with options to change the chart type.

Tip: The chart icons on the Toolbar changes the chart type and the ‘Other Charts’ button has more Chart options.

We hope you’ll find this new Zoho Reports feature useful. Please share your feedback.