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VAT Payments - UAE

VAT Payments - UAE

All taxable business owners are required to file VAT on a monthly or quarterly basis. The total tax payable to the government depends on whether your input tax credits are enough to offset your output tax. If your output tax exceeds your recoverable input tax, then you will be required to pay the difference to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). 

You can pay VAT using any of the following methods:

Let’s take a closer look at how you can make payments through the FTA portal using each of the payment methods.

e-Dirham Card or Credit Card

When you make VAT payments using your e-Dirham card, you will incur a transaction fee of AED 3. If you are paying with your credit card (Visa and MasterCard only), you will pay a transaction fee of 2-3% of the total payable amount. To make e-Dirham or credit card payments, please follow the steps below.


With the eDebit option, you can make payments directly to the FTA’s bank account using your retail or corporate internet banking credentials. The transaction fee for making an eDebit payment is AED 10, which is charged by e-Dirham. This option is currently only available with the following banks:

eDebit payments require approval from you. Once the approval is collected, the payment will go from the Pending state to Complete. Occasionally, a payment may require approval from more than one individual – when this happens, it will stay in the Pending state until the final approval is collected. If the transaction is not approved within 3 days, then it will expire automatically and the payment will not go through. 

Please note that with a corporate bank account, the payment status displayed on the eServices dashboard will show as Pending for 30 minutes before it is updated. 

To make eDebit payments, follow the steps below:

Local Bank Transfer

In order to make a bank transfer from a local bank, you need a GIBAN, which is a unique IBAN number given to every taxable person by the FTA. This option is available for settling any outstanding tax liabilities, penalties and excise tax-related payments, but is not available for miscellaneous payments. 

To make payments using GIBAN through your online banking portal, follow these steps:

International Bank Transfer

If your bank is outside the UAE and is a member of SWIFT, then you can visit your bank to make an international bank transfer.  

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