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Frequently Asked Questions on VAT

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What documents do I need to submit to the FTA in order to obtain a licence for renting out space?

You must fill out the Supplier’s Licence Request Form to Grant the Right to Occupy Space, which can be found on the FTA website, and send it to along with the documents mentioned below:   

Trade licence

  • The document must be issued by the Department of Economic Development.
  • The supplier’s name be the trade name.
  • The trade licence be valid for at least one month from the date of applying to the FTA. If the trade licence is valid for less than a month, then re-application documents must be submitted along with the existing trade licence. 
  • The section on commercial activity must be relevant to the business type and must adhere to the eligibility criteria. 

Proof of registration for the venue

  • This must be issued by the concerned government entity. This proof can be in the form of a certificate, or an email confirmation of the registration that contains the registration ID. If both of these are not available, then the following documents must be submitted:

    • Permit of the area/venue. 
    • Layout drawing or plot plan that includes the location, dimensions and total area of the rooms or space that will be rented out. 
    • Business profile document that has been signed by the authorized signatory. The description of the business profile must be similar to the commercial activities section and the type of business must match the relevant eligibility criteria.
  • Provide details about the event such as the purpose, dates, and number of attendees. This information can be included in the business profile document or licence form.

  • A copy of the authorised signatory’s passport or Emirates ID. 

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