Multi DC support

Data protection and privacy laws in multiple countries state that user data can only be stored in data centers located on that country's soil. In compliance, Zoho has set up data centers in multiple countries. Each data center only holds the data of users who have registered at that domain. See the available data centers

When is Multi DC support required?

Clients require user data to execute their business logic. Clients such as extension programmers or plugin developers will have a user audience across all the data centers (DC), and will want to reach all of Zoho users. Such clients need to enable Multi DC support at Zoho API console to access Zoho's global user base.

If your app is present in the US data center and your app is going to be used by users present in the EU data center, then you need to enable EU DC support for your app. While making the initial request, you will be provided with the location of the user in the response. Using that, you will need to make the further API calls to the server URL corresponding to the concerned user's location.

The data centers and their respective server URL are given below:

Data CenterDomain URI
United States (US)
Europe (EU)
India (IN)
Australia (AU)
Japan (JP)

You can receive JSON format Domain URIs for all the data centers here.

The Client ID will be common for all DCs, but the Client Secret can be either common to all the DCs or unique for each DC depending on your preference.

See how the multi DC flow works in:
Server-based and Client-based applications | Non-browser applications

Steps to enable Multi DC support

While enabling Multi DC support, you can either choose to have individual client secrets for separate DCs or use the same client secret for all the enabled DCs.

  1. After you register your client with the Zoho API Console, select the client from the list of Applications.
  2. Go to the Settings tab.
  3. Enable the toggle next to the required DCs.
  4. By default, each enabled DC will have a unique client secret. Click SHOW CODE to view and copy the client secret for a particular DC. However, if you want to use the same client secret for all the DCs:
    1. Select the option Use the same OAuth credentials for all data centers.
    2. Click OK. You can use the default client secret to make requests in all DCs.