Client - Setup OAuth with Zoho

You must register your application at the Zoho Developer Console to receive your Client ID and Client Secret.
Client ID: A unique identifier you receive when you register your application with Zoho.
Client Secret: A unique key generated when you register your application with Zoho. This must be kept confidential.
Authorized redirect URI: The URI endpoint to which Zoho Accounts has to redirect the user-agent with the access token after authorizing the client.
Client Type: Choose your application type from the provided drop-down.

Register your application

  1. Navigate to the Zoho Developer Console and click Add Client ID
  2. On the API Credentials page, enter the Client Name, Client Domain, and Authorized redirect URI. Choose your Client Type from the given drop-down menu.
  3. Click Create. Upon successful registration, you will receive the Client ID and the Client Secret.

Self Client

If the client does not have a domain and a redirect URL, the Self Client option can be used to get an authorization grant code. This code can be exchanged for an access token and a refresh token.

Use the self client option to receive an authorization code

  1. On the API Credentials page, click the drop-down button next to your respective registration and click Self Client.
  2. Enter the valid scopes, set the expiration time for the code, and click View Code.