Testimonials are a powerful sales tool. Learn how to find customer testimonials, what they should include, and where to place them on your website to get the best results. 


Introducing Customer Testimonials

Most businesses don't collect testimonials... and that's a shame, since the benefits of a good testimonial are manifold. A good testimonial contains four essential elements. Know what they are before you start collecting them. Read more

Finding Reviews: Mastering the “Found” Testimonial

Found testimonials are already written and ready-made—whether in your email inbox, online, or elsewhere. They don't require time or energy from your client, but they do demand that you change your idea of what a testimonial "looks like." Know where to look. Read more

5 Strategies for Soliciting New Testimonials

Asking customers for testimonials gives you much more control over which features of your product or service get emphasized than searching for unsolicited good words about your business does. That's why the direct ask is so powerful. Read more

Best Questions to Ask for Better Testimonials

How you ask your survey questions makes all the difference between a weak testimonial and a persuasive one. Posing strong questions helps clients give you powerful "before-and-after" content for your testimonials... just be careful about staying honest as you edit their responses for your website. Read more

Examples of Great Testimonials

There are more mediocre testimonials out there than there are exemplary ones. See some of those outstanding testimonial examples in action, and understand what elements make them so good. Read more

Using Testimonials to Increase Conversions

Your clients' good words have been collected... but the work isn't finished yet. Now it's time to strategize where to prominently and intelligently place them on your business website, and to use design elements to draw your visitors' eyes to them. After all, those testimonials are there for the sake of conversions. Read more

Testimonials Checklist

So you're ready to up your testimonials game? Use our testimonials checklist to make sure you take all the right steps when it comes to collecting reviews, requesting testimonials, and placing them intelligently on your website. Read more

Best Testimonials Pages: 4 Examples to Learn From

Testimonials are among the most powerful (and free!) marketing tools your company has. Good ones build your company's credibility and reputation, and can sway the strongest of cynics. The best testimonials pages present strong reviews while considering UX and conversions. Read more