Ticket Management

Zoho Support, the Web-based Help Desk Software, allows you to easily manage an ever-increasing volume of tickets. Customize your entire ticket page layout and fields to suit your requirements. Enable your agents to record the most important details about customer interactions and find the most relevant solutions easily.

Key Features

Capture Webforms

Automatically convert the queries submitted by customers through web forms into tickets. Simply assign these tickets for prompt reply that encourages customer usage of customer portal.

Manage Tickets

Effortlessly track, sort and view the tickets as per your requisite. Presents the choice of creating your own different views based on your need and suitability for customer support.

Interaction best practice

Effectively manage the internal communication through "comments" feature. Give clear instruction to other agents that help in serving the customers better.

Handle Traffic

Handle huge traffic and receive any number of mails into your inbox. Zoho support, the online helpdesk software allows you to receive mails, 24 hours a day without any dropouts from both web forms and e-mail.

Refer Knowledgebase

Conveniently use the integrated knowledgebase to search out relevant answers for customer issues. Use the sorted answers by copying & pasting into the reply to be sent to customers. Improve significantly on resolution time and customer service.

Effective Billing

Zoho support, the online helpdesk software precisely calculates the exact wage for your agents. The billing is based on the number of hours spent and the cost/hour of each customer support agent.

Schedule Notification

Enable notification to promptly alert the concerned customer support team or agents for tickets satisfying certain criterion. Increase productivity through these prompt alerts.


Create necessary fields based on your requirement and modify the entire Ticket Module according to your choice. Create various values for the drop down fields. Customize and work on the Ticket Module based on your organization requisite and convenience.


  • Automated, error free capture of tickets from web portal.
  • Effective communications through Comments feature to support the customers.
  • Manages the tickets according to Service Level Agreement.
  • Allows customization of modules.

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