Stay on track with milestones, tasks and subtasks

Zoho Projects makes planning your projects a snap. The easy to use web interface allows you to quickly define Task Lists, Tasks and set dependencies. If you prefer, you can also quickly import your Microsoft Project file, so you can go from planning to doing in no time!

Never miss deadlines

Milestones are a great way to monitor the progress of a project. With Milestones you can have a full control of how it is progressing and get a clear picture of key deliverables.

Keep your work organized

Know what needs to be done, when, by whom. Keep your projects organized and on schedule with centralized management and access. And balance workloads to maximize quality and productivity.

Monitor progress with dependency

Task dependency view helps the team to get bird's eye view of dependent tasks with details like, Who are responsible for the tasks, What tasks are dependent on each other, When these tasks need to completed in a project.

Capture every detail of work

Zoho Projects' magic rests in its ability to break bigger tasks into smaller chunks of workable subtasks without much effort. This way it enables teams to capture every detail of work and get it done at a much faster pace.

Kanban in Zoho. It's a view

Kanban cards are an easy, dynamic way to create and visualize your workflows. Projects and tasks are visually arranged by status...such as To-Do, In Progress, every team member knows what’s required to be done at any time.