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Web Conferencing

Zoho Meeting empowers you to deliver online demonstrations to larger audiences of customers, prospects and employees located anywhere in the world. With web conferencing functionality, you can conduct web conferences or web meetings, keep in touch with your employees, remote clients and grow effective business communications. Significantly reduce your training and operational costs by providing online training to your employees, customers and partners, on new products and services. Reach more people online, deliver messages and make cost-effective collaborations.

Business Scenarios

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Product Launches

Target your prospect audience with web conferencing and give your product the best chance of success. Host web conferencing and announce your new product launches to your large varied customers. Host web meetings with your customers located anywhere, deliver your message, position your product against competitors and achieve your revenue goals quickly. Keep your sales people and customers up-to-date on new product launches.

Large Presentations

Engage with customers, conduct web meetings, share presentations, demonstrate your product and close more deals quickly. Host web conferencing with more people, instantly reach large audience and increase your sales on new products and services in short time. Conduct web conferencing with larger audiences, extend your reach and build your success.

Business Benefits

  • Provide online presentation to your prospects anywhere, anytime with fast online collaboration.
  • Conduct web meetings, organize online training and reach your deadlines faster.
  • Host web conferencing and provide online business presentations to your leads, customers and business partners.
  • Instantly launch virtual web conferences or web meetings and connect with business people anywhere.
  • Conduct web meetings with customers, manage feedback instantly, faster than an in-person meeting.
  • Host online meetings with your customers and sales persons. Cut time and budget on schedule for meetings or conference.
  • Deliver initiatives more efficiently to the customers, partners and suppliers.
  • Host web conferencing, provide online training to your employees and generate qualified sales leads quickly.
  • Extend your business contacts with web meetings and grow more.

Zoho Meeting - Key Features

  • Share Presentation: Host web meetings, share your desktop online, share presentations and collaborate with your prospects anytime.
  • Embed Meeting: Embed Zoho Meeting in your blog, wiki, notebook or any web page and demonstrate to larger audiences.
  • Instant Messaging: Collaborate with your remote customers through the integrated Zoho Chat.
  • Full screen / Auto-fit / Zoom: Your client or customer can view your desktop with the different viewing options: Full screen, Auto-fit, and Zoom.
  • Firewall Support and Security: Works well behind any proxy. Secured data encryption and transmission using SSL.

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