Zoho Mail User Guide

Mobile Access

You can access Zoho Mail from your mobile phone in multiple ways depending on your Phone's configuration. If you have a GPRS enabled phone, which supports internet browsing, you can access the mobile version of Zoho without installing any other applications. If you have a smart phone with inbuilt Email client, you can configure your account via IMAP or Active Sync

Steps to access Zoho mail from Mobile browser

  1. Open your mobile browser
  2. Type m.zoho.com from mobile or t.zoho.com from your tablet device.
  3. Provide the credentials you use to login to your Zoho account. 
  4. After successful login, your welcome screen appears.
  5. Select Mail to view your Inbox. 
  6. Select multiple messages and apply labels or flags.
  7. Select Menu to view the Folders, Labels and Views.  
  8. You can browse through folders, apply labels to your mails, flag your messages and also search mails.
  9. You can switch to your POP account from the left side, to view the emails in your POP accounts. 
  10. Click on Compose to compose and send a new mail. 
  11. You can click on Scribbles to create and send an image by email
  12. When you send an email, it will be placed in your Outbox, in case you have Outbox enabled. 
  13. You can navigate to your Outbox folder to send emails immediately. 


  • You have to click on 'Refresh' to check for new mails.


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