Peep into your Zoho Invoice or Zoho Books account and you’ll spot our
brand new addition, “Online Partial Payments”. Earlier, we had the option
to record partial payments manually for invoices, we’ve extended that further to
online payments as well.

Most often in businesses, by mutual
consent from both the seller and the buyer, the payment is accepted in
installments. If your business works this way, then you have some real
good news here. To keep up with your customers’ installment payments could be
rather difficult. With the introduction of partial payments, this issue would never resurface again.

Send an invoice out to the
customer, choose the option to let the customer make partial payments
for that invoice. As the customer pays, the amount due for the
invoice is deducted and closed eventually; when the customer pays up the
entire amount due for that invoice.

Get to know more about this feature from our help section.

Enjoy receiving payments, while we get back with another feature to rant about. Until then enjoy invoicing and accounting with us. Follow us on Twitter for quick updates.

  1. Shaz

    I love you zoho! havent tried it yet, but i’m sure it will work out nicely.

  2. Deepa

    Thanks all for the comments. We couldn’t ask for more. Text additions and payment terms to reflect installments, are on our list too. It works like magic when we pick your requests and turn it into a feature. We’ll be back with more.

  3. jack.kandy

    Good for you guys now you need to extend payment terms to reflect installments!

  4. Ruly Aperta


  5. Steve

    Now this was what I was waiting for ..

  6. pauldewouters

    YES! this is very important for me, thanks Zoho

  7. emilia

    excellent feature!

  8. Sandeep

    yes, good feature. I agree with Augusto. Text would a great help.

  9. Augusto

    Great job. now what you are missing is text notifying customers when payments are due.

  10. robert_future2001

    Great feature guys. This helps me alot

  11. Shane

    Wonderful extra feature. Very happy no and will save a lot of time and confusion! THANK YOU ZOHO!