Zoho CRM Integration with Microsoft Outlook

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  • craigdonnelly: We just migrated our CRM system from salesforce.com to zoho CRM. Annual cost for Salesforce was $1600. Cost for zoho is $300.
  • melcooper: #zohocrm I bundle Zoho CRM with all my new website proposals to leverage the fantastic web form capability. Great value!
  • jfloyd: Zoho CRM adds the ability to manage your email from within the application. Only CRM that I know has this feature


The Zoho CRM Plug-In for Microsoft Outlook easily integrates all your Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and emails with Zoho CRM. You don’t have to change your application or workflow. It’s just that now, everything you do in Outlook is captured and organized within your CRM system—so you can more easily manage and share important information. And your customer profiles and account data always stays timely and accurate. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

What Can You Do With Zoho CRM Plug-In For Microsoft Outlook?

  • Synchronize contacts, calendar and tasks between Microsoft Outlook and Zoho CRM
  • Add Outlook inbound and outbound emails as Cases to Zoho CRM contacts
  • Associate Outlook inbound and outbound emails with Leads or Contacts in Zoho CRM
  • Modify email message and file attachments to the Lead or Contact in Zoho CRM without modifying the original message in Microsoft Outlook
  • Resolve conflicts while synchronizing contacts, calendar and tasks with Zoho CRM so that there will not be any mismatch of the customer data

Zoho CRM Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook

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