Let's set the stage

The 19th Watchlist looked at the best of the best in the CRM industry, showcasing the impact these companies have had—not just on their customers and dedicated markets, but on their greater local and global communities over the past two years of the pandemic. Let's see how this year's Watchlist played out.

The competition was fierce

The ones that
stood out The ones that stood
above them all The one that excelled
across the board

60 organizations competed for the award; out of those,

19 were new contenders. Across all of them,

a total of 4,189 pageswere submitted for evaluation.

The ones that stood out

The ones that stood above them all

The one that excelled across the board

Trusted by critics and customers; driven to deliver outcomes

With a long-established presence in the market of over 15 years, Zoho CRM is now trusted by over 250,000 businesses around the world. Since our inception, the growth of our CRM solution has been tightly intertwined with the needs of our customers, delivering best-in-class outcomes for businesses who put their trust in Zoho CRM.

As a singular platform for managing your end-to-end customer journeys, Zoho CRM offers businesses all the tools necessary to forge strong customer relationships, improve the bottom line, and leverage advanced analytical tools to refine and optimize all customer-facing processes.

Rich features to address the diverse needs of modern enterprises

An ecosystem of 50+ applications for every facet of business

Open APIs and a marketplace allow integrations with third-party and legacy apps

A dedicated team to ensure a quick and effective CRM deployment

Enterprise support teams to offer 24/7/365 assistance

A network of skilled partners across the globe

What makes us unique?

At Zoho, we believe that a business should only be beholden to itself and its customers. This drove us to invest heavily into building and maintaining our own infrastructure. As a result, we run our own data centers and have engineered a multi-layered tech stack that brings out the best from the 50+ apps in the Zoho ecosystem.

There are no external variables or third-party dependencies when it comes to running your business in the Zoho ecosystem.

We don't buy—we build. Our comprehensive suite of applications were built from scratch on top of a common tech stack, allowing for seamless integrations.

The integrated stack of apps enables the contextual flow of information across customer-facing teams to ensure the best experience for your customers.

The robust and flexible nature of our apps, combined with our intuitive UX, helps our solutions deploy 50% faster than the competition.

Why should you join the
Zoho CRM family?

Migrating your processes and moving to a new CRM solution is a mammoth undertaking for any business, so we don't take the trust our customers invest in us lightly. We aim to deliver strong results in the shortest time frames. Don't just trust us—trust in the results that our customers have seen.

One of India's largest NBFC serves its growing customer base using Zoho

India Infoline (IIFL) is India’s leading integrated financial services group headquartered in Mumbai. 5paisa is IIFL’s online trading portal, established in 2000 to cater to the company’s retail brokering services. With tens of thousands of users leveraging Zoho CRM's robust functionalities, they effectively manage their sales pipelines, track real-time performance of their sales and operations teams, and automate operations at scale with customized workflows.


daily custom function calls


daily email volume


leads serviced per month


accounts opened per month


tickets resolved per month


clients engaged per month

A medical device company delivers proactive and insight-driven customer experiences with Zoho CRM

"We lacked a single system that could handle both our sales and service processes," says Thomas John, Managing Director of Agappe Diagnostics. "Data was distributed across multiple systems, and that made it impossible to get insights on the business."

Agappe wanted a solution that was not only flexible to its needs and scalable, but which also provided customers with the best experience possible. "For this," John adds, "we needed a technology partner that could understand the nuances of our domain and our internal processes well. Zoho CRM offers us technology that allows us to be more proactive and insights-driven, with all our information in a single place. With our complete business under control, our productivity is up by 80% in the last year that we have been using Zoho."

A leading agricultural machinery manufacturer accelerated its digital transformation using Zoho CRM

"The launch of Zoho CRM is one of TAFE’s significant initiatives to drive digital transformation and growth. Zoho's solution is very innovative and truly digital," says Shobhana Ravi, Chief IT, Innovation, and Learning Officer at TAFE, having overseen a complete re-engineering of the company's internal processes for simplification. "A CRM deployment of this magnitude would normally require 18 to 24 months, but the TAFE and Zoho teams completed this project in an astounding six months."

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