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  • craigdonnelly: We just migrated our CRM system from to zoho CRM. Annual cost for Salesforce was $1600. Cost for zoho is $300.
  • melcooper: #zohocrm I bundle Zoho CRM with all my new website proposals to leverage the fantastic web form capability. Great value!
  • jfloyd: Zoho CRM adds the ability to manage your email from within the application. Only CRM that I know has this feature


Introducing CRM Introduction to CRM: For selling as well as for marketing, one must have knowledge of everything-leads, queries, customers, sales, feedback, relationship, requirement and so on. Learn More

What is CRM? What is CRM? An acronym for Customer Relationship Management, the term refers to a systematic approach to handling customer relationships. Learn More

How CRM Works? How CRM Works? The bottom-line of CRM work flow is to (1) Initiate Marketing, (2) Process Sales, (3) Schedule Orders and (4) Provide Support . Learn More

CRM Benefits CRM Benefits: There can be innumerable reasons for businesses to implement CRM however, the most apparent benefits of using CRM are.. Learn More

CRM EvaluationHow to Evaluate CRM? Realizing the investment towards any CRM initiative, it is crucial to all businesses to have a CRM evaluation method or CRM metrics in place. Learn More

How to Buy CRM? How to Buy CRM? The initial step to CRM purchase is to ensure that the sales team and the business executives along with the business decision makers are aware of CRM system and the core CRM setup. Learn More

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