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Zoho Assist caters to the remote support needs of SMB IT support and independent IT technicians, just like you.

You can get access to any remote computer in a jiffy and the clutter-free interface delivers a pleasant support experience.
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Why Zoho Assist is the right choice?
Because Zoho Assist offers what you need

We have crafted a remote support software considering your exact support needs. Check out the major features listed below.

Invite your customers easily to the session, with any of the three invite options and get going with your remote support.
Chat with your customers with the in-built robust chat, for any tips, info etc., and remain in touch through out the session.
Send files of any type, install updates / patches to your customer's remote computer and you can also receive files the same time.
Get your embed widget code and paste it in your website / blog. Your users can enter the session ID from the widget to get connected to the session.
Instantly share your screen with your customer other than connecting to your customer's screen. This will help for any demo / training, whenever needed.
Reboot the remote computer with a single click and get reconnected to the session without losing control. Reboot in Safe mode is also available.
Because Zoho Assist is faster
Zoho Assist offers an increased speed or screen refresh rate, to ensure faster resolution of issues. It is much faster than other remote support softwares. You can see it visibly. It makes a world of difference to IT support technicians, like you. We have also made it possible for you and your remote customer to get connected to the session easily through our robust and dynamic server connection methodology.
Because Zoho Assist is reliable
You can always rely on Zoho Assist for your every day support needs and we know how crucial it is. It works as you expect and as designed. You are never left to suffer with any unknown hang/crash and get embarrassed before your customer. It supports you solidly so that you can support your customers hassle-free. You can always contact us even in the middle of the session with the in-built 'Help me!' feature, similar to live support.

Have a look at what some of our existing customers has to say.

Anthony Lombardo,
I manage over 200 devices in 14 offices and I found that it has everything a portable office could use. I am very to happy to have found them and would highly recommend them to anyone.
Eric M. Maddox,
It is simple for the end users and it doesn't break the bank. There is embed the code into my website and other media with ease.
Steven Arant,
Mecklenburg county, NC
My coworkers call it computer magic. That's how I feel about it too. Its taken our old outdated office into a new era of productivity.
Also, we provide you a dedicated 24/7 email support, who will take care of all your questions and will help to resolve issues. We have an active forum where you can raise your doubts, queries and can get answers from fellow community members.

To put in another words, we are with you all the way.

Because Zoho Assist is affordable
Yes, Zoho Assist offers high speed and great quality. But does that mean our product should be costly? No. not at all. We offer our professional edition starting at just 12$/month. And, you know what, we offer a free edition to can conduct 5 free sessions absolutely FREE per month! Now, that's not what every others do. And isn't this what one calls icing on the cake? :-)

What are you waiting for? It's time you get started.

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