Zoho Assist helps independent IT technicians, SMBs and managed service providers to provide seamless remote support. It offers the essential features needed for professional support needs, avoiding the unnecessary clutter.
Supports all operating systems
Zoho Assist provides you the ease to support customers from all major operating systems namely Windows, Mac and Linux. You can conduct sessions across platforms like Windows to Mac or Mac to Linux etc., The HTML5 based technician viewer for Mac and Linux helps you to run the session without any installation.
The entire remote support session can be handled from your favorite web browser itself. This means that you can troubleshoot anyone's remote computer provided they have the basic skill of using a web browser and is connected to the internet.
Multiple Invite options, Connect easily
Inviting your customers to the support session is simple and convenient. You can send an built-in email invitation to your customers, who can join your session with a single click. You can also choose to send the session link through any IM/Chat/Email or you can guide your customers to enter the respective session ID at the join session page.
Absolutely Firewall Friendly
Zoho Assist gets you connected to the remote computer regardless of the firewall or proxy configuration at your customer's end. This ease of firewall traversal helps you to establish effective remote support session by avoiding unnecessary technical hassles of allowing exceptions or opening ports in your customer's proxy or firewall configuration. At the same time, it doesn't compromise internet security.
Completely Secure and reliable
The exchange of data during a session takes place through industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) protocols. In simple words, your sessions are extremely safe and secure from any eavesdropping or tampering with the shared data.
User Access Control Compatible
User Access Control(UAC) windows displayed in secure desktop of Windows PCs starting from Vista will not be visible to you by default. Zoho Assist detects UAC dailogs automatically and initimates you to elevate the session to admin privileges using 'Run As Service' command.
Two-way screen sharing with a single click
Zoho Assist enables you to view the screen shared by your customer as well as share your own screen. This will help on occasions when you want to demonstrate any setup or installation process or give training to your customer. Sharing your screen happens with a single click, within seconds. Currently, sharing technician screen is available for Windows only.
Built-in, robust File Transfer
You can exchange files of various types (image, docs, spreadsheets etc.) on-the-go with your customers with the built-in file transfer panel. The simple two way file transfer, makes the file transfer intuitive. You can send and receive files at the same time. Currently, this feature is available for Windows only.
Instant chat on your finger tips
The instant chat helps you to chat with your customers during the session. It helps you by not getting diverted to any other external messaging services in assisting your customer. This provides an easy way to share information like product keys, license numbers, serial numbers etc. and to be connected with your customer through out the session.
Multi-Monitor Support - Navigate easily
You can easily navigate between multiple monitors of the remote computer without any hassle. It automatically detects the respective monitor and switches control to the corresponding one. Currently, this feature works only when your customer is on a Windows OS.
Hassle-free Clipboard Sharing
The clipboard of your computer is shared with the remote computer to enhance your overall remote support experience. You can copy text like a serial number in your computer and paste it on the remote computer.
Send Ctrl+Alt+Del
Ever wondered how to get that windows key combination Ctrl+Alt+Del on the remote computer? You can get it with a single click in Zoho Assist so that you can log on, switch user, log-on as a different user, change windows password or see the task manager of the remote computer. This feature is available for Windows only.
Reboot and Reconnect Remotely
There will be occasions when you need to reboot the remote computer to make a change take in to effect. And, it should happen without losing the remote control of the system. You can achieve this with a single click using this feature. It reboots the system without losing control. You also have the option to reboot the remote computer in safe mode, which can serve for debugging purposes. This feature is available for Windows only.
Reports - Details Matter
You can fetch detailed reports of the support sessions conducted whenever you need. The report will provide the session ID, customer name, date, duration and IP address of the remote computer. This can be used for review and billing.
Help me!
Whenever you feel the need for an on-demand help you can reach out to us even in the middle of the session. The 'Help me!' feature on your toolbar opens up a live chat window with our support team and the available support technician will help you. You can rely on us with this feature whenever you face any trouble and it helps you to run your support session smoothly.
Embed join widget in your website
Joining a support session from your website or blog makes a big difference to your customer. They may feel it safe, easy and comfortable to join from your website. We offer a customizable remote support widget for embedding. It's a simple code which can be embedded in your website/blog.
Desktop plugin for easy access
You can opt to use the Desktop plug-in (for Windows and Mac) to initiate and conduct your remote support sessions faster, right from your desktop. This will help you get connected to the session quicker.
Mobile Support - Connect on the go
Gone are the days when you have to support only with a desktop. Get on with our free iPad app to tap and support. All you need is to create a free account in Zoho Assist and you can support your customers from wherever you are. It is as easy as supporting from a desktop. Click here to know more. You can also connect from android mobile and other mobiles with the mobile browsers.
Start supporting your remote customers simple and easy.

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