4141 Hacienda Dr, Pleasanton, CA
June 7 - 9, 2016

The Sales and Marketing Conference is designed to give you the resources you need to help your teams excel in their jobs. You'll gain valuable experience from our hands-on workshops, executive keynote presentations and one-on-one sessions. The Zoho team will be there to share practical tips on how to take your sales and marketing teams to the next level.

What to Expect at Zoholics?

Want to tailor Zoho to fit your business? Come join us in Pleasanton, CA for workshops and tutorials with our experts.

Who Should Come?

Everyone. Whether you're new to Zoho or a seasoned user, you'll learn valuable ways to do more with our products.

What You'll Get?

  • Interactive workshops that show you the best ways to use our products
  • Individual sessions with product experts to answer your questions
  • The opportunity to network with other Zoho users near you
  • Information on what's up and coming for Zoho


Workshop: Day 1

Workshop: Day 2

User Conference

June 7

7:00 - 9:00 AM Registration & Breakfast

  • Track 1: CRM Workshops
  • 9:00 - 10:45 AMGetting Started with Zoho CRM - Fernando/Ricky
  • Track 2: Productivity & Collaboration Sessions
  • 9:00 - 9:45 AMCreating a Collaborative Workplace - Vijay
  • 9:45 - 10:45 AMEffective Project Management Using Zoho Projects - Prasanna

10:45 - 11:00 AM Break

  • Track 1: CRM Workshops
  • 11:00 - 1:00 PMCustomizing Zoho CRM for Your Business - Samir
  • Track 2: Productivity & Collaboration Sessions
  • 11:00 - 11:30 AMMake Your Presentations Stick with Zoho Showtime
  • 11:30 - 12:15 PMZoho Docs: Reimagining Your Documents in the Cloud
  • 12:15 - 1:00 PMZoho Mail For Business

1:00 - 2:00 PM Lunch

  • Track 1: CRM Workshops
  • 2:00 - 3:30 PMSales Force Automation - Ricky/Carla
  • Track 2: Zoho Back Office Sessions
  • 2:00 - 2:45 PMRunning Your Back Office on Zoho Books & Invoice
  • 2:45 - 3:30 PMIntroducing Zoho Inventory & Subscriptions

3:30 - 3:45 PM Break

  • Track 1: CRM Workshops
  • 3:45 - 5:00 PMCreating Custom Reports in Zoho CRM - Sean/Samir
  • 5:00 - 6:00 PMSales Productivity: Maintaining Clean and Accurate Data - Mandy/Laura
  • Track 2: Zoho Back Office Sessions
  • 3:45 - 4:30 PMMulti-Channel Customer Service Using Zoho Support
  • 4:30 - 5:15 PMEasy Expense Management with Zoho Expense
  • 5:15 - 6:00 PMManaging Your Talent with Zoho Recruit & Zoho People

6:00 - 8:00 PM Reception

*Agenda is subject to change before the event

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Pleasanton, CA
4141 Hacienda Dr
Pleasanton, CA 94588


Sridhar Vembu

CEO, Zoho

Sridhar Vembu co-founded Zoho Corp (originally known as AdventNet) in 1996...

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Raju Vegesna

Chief Evangelist

Raju is the evangelist for Zoho. In his 12 years with the company,

Read More

Raj Sabhlok

President Zoho Corp

Raj Sabhlok is the president of ManageEngine and Zoho.com, both divisions of Zoho Corp.

Read More

Ricky Thakrar

Sales Manager

Ricky Thakrar is one of the regional Sales Managers at Zoho. He manages the sales team for...

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Tejas Gadhia

Sales Engineer

Over the past five years, Tejas Gadhia has dedicated himself to becoming an expert in customer service...

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Arun Sasikumar

Manager, Pre-Sales

I joined Zoho in 2009 as Zoho CRM Support Engineer with several years of experience...

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Laura Burrus

Product Marketing Manager

Laura is a Product Marketing Manager for Zoho CRM where she is responsible...

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Sharanya Ramachandran

Product Marketing Manager

Sharanya Ramachandran manages Product Marketing for Zoho Campaigns where among other things she's responsible...

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Vijay Sundaram

Chief Strategy Officer

Vijay Sundaram currently drives the strategy and direction of the productivity and collaboration applications at Zoho.

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Ambi Moorthy

Product Marketer

Ambi is the product marketer for Zoho SalesIQ. He is responsible for marketing strategy...

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Mason Hering


Mason Hering is the Sr. Evangelist at Zoho. Mason travels extensively meeting and speaking...

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Samir Meharali

Sales Engineer

Samir is a sales engineer at Zoho. His experience in service, support, risk management...

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Bala Ganesh

Customer Support Manager

Bala is a customer support manager and has been with Zoho for the past seven years...

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Taylor Backman


As an evangelist, Taylor spreads the word about Zoho's unique product suite...

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How can we help you?

CRM Plus: 360 Degree View of Your Customer

This session helps you:

  • Understand customer centricity and where it starts
  • Create a solution for disconnected systems and processes
  • See practical examples of using an integrated system
  • Understand how Zoho CRM Plus works to give you a 360 degree view of your customer

CRM Basics & Defining Your Sales Process

This session helps you:

  • Understand the customer life cycle in Zoho CRM
  • Understand key terminology
  • Personalize Zoho CRM (date, time, currency, signature, etc.)
  • Understand common operations
  • Understand the basics of the reports module
  • Contact Zoho Support – Email/Phone/Self-service/Forums/Social

Preparing CRM for Your Business: Customization

This session helps you:

  • Understand and organize tabs
  • Understand standard fields
  • Add custom fields (date, text, textbox, URL, email etc.)
  • Organize page layouts
  • Organize the business card view
  • Manage webtabs

Convert Your Website Visitors into Customers using SalesIQ

This session helps you:

  • Learn how to engage with your website visitors in real time
  • Implement lead scoring using Zoho SalesIQ
  • Sync visitor data with Zoho CRM
  • Use Zoho CRM data to engage with website visitors

Sending Email Campaigns using Zoho Campaigns

This session helps you:

  • Understand how you can send effective email campaigns
  • Build targeted and segmented mailing lists
  • Build mailing lists with Zoho CRM data
  • Create compelling, personalized, and responsive email templates
  • Understand the best practices of email marketing

Salesforce Automation

This session helps you:

  • Understand the importance of sales productivity
  • Use feeds in
  • Use macros in
  • Use mail merge with Zoho Writer
  • Use mail merge with MS Office
  • Upload sales documents to your document library
  • Organize online meetings with customers

Lead nurture with Zoho Campaigns and CRM

This session helps you:

  • Learn how to use Zoho Campaigns to nurture leads and prospects inside Zoho CRM
  • Read campaign reports shown inside Zoho CRM
  • Use data from campaign reports in sales follow-ups
  • Personalize lead nurture campaigns with merge tags

Multi-Channel Customer Support using Zoho Support

This session helps you:

  • Understand how your agents can be more productive
  • See the importance of collaboration in customer service
  • Learn the value of tracking metrics in real time
  • Empower customers through self-service
  • Understand how to manage customer interactions across channels
  • Learn how you can make Zoho Support work with other apps you use

Customer Service for Mobile and SaaS products

This session helps you:

  • See the value of integrating your help desk with your product
  • Learn how customers can interact with you from within the app
  • Understand how it's possible to complete a feedback loop and build better apps

User Management and Sharing in Zoho CRM

This session helps you:

  • Understand the importance of data security
  • Define profiles, roles, and groups
  • Manage users
  • Set up data sharing rules
  • Set up territories
  • Audit logs

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction with Zoho Survey

This session helps you:

  • Learn how to ask customers relevant, purposeful questions
  • Create smart, attractive surveys
  • Learn how to deploy surveys from Zoho CRM
  • Learn how to deploy surveys with Zoho Campaigns

By RickySales Tracking and Forecasting

Zoho CRM frees you up to do what you do best: selling. Automate sales follow-ups, improve conversion and focus on creating and capturing opportunities. In this session, learn where every prospect is in the sales cycle, deal size, chances of winning deals and even competitor information to help craft more effective messaging. Also learn to set up sales targets, reports, dashboards and forecast revenue for next month or quarter.

Audience: Sales Reps, Sales Managers, Marketing Manager, Top Executives, Business Owners

Objectives:This session helps you to:

  • Setting sales targets
  • Forecast sales
  • Sales performance reports
  • Tracking sales opportunities & pipeline
  • Lead qualification & conversion

By SamirAutomating Sales Activities with Workflow Rules

Want to automate the routine sales activities and concentrate more on sales prospecting? Then you're on the right training track. In this session, you will learn to configure workflow rules, like lead assignment, big deal alerts, case escalation and automatic field updates. Save time with workflow automation!

Audience: New to Zoho CRM

Objectives:This session helps you to:

  • Understand the importance of automating sales activities
  • Set up workflow rules, actions and webhooks
  • Set up case escalation rules and big deal alerts
  • Setup time-based actions
  • Set up assignment rules

By AmbiTrack and Engage Your Website Visitors with Zoho SalesIQ

Get the maximum value out of your website traffic. With the click of a button your sales team can live chat with a hot prospect and improve their online conversions. Why not leverage the data in Zoho CRM with Zoho SalesIQ? You'll be able to engage with your prospects in a more personalized manner.

Audience: Sales reps, Sales managers, Marketing manager and Business owners.

Objectives:This session helps you to:

  • Engaging prospects on your website
  • Vistor tracking
  • Live chat
  • Rule based live chat

By Praval SinghSocial Media Marketing with Zoho Social

How do you reach out and engage with your prospects & customers? Short answer: Social Media Marketing. Join us to see how can you get the most out of your social media marketing efforts with Zoho Social.

Audience: Marketers, Business owners and Salespeople

Objectives:This session helps you to:

  • Get an overview of how Zoho Social can help your business build and manage its social media presence.
  • Learn how you can cross-publish content across social networks, monitor what's being talked about you and engage with your audience in real-time.
  • Measure and analyze the impact of your social media marketing efforts with custom-reports that help you focus on what matters for your business.

By DilipReporting in CRM

Running reports and understanding how to filter out the data so you only get what you want is necessary if you want to gain an accurate understanding of how your sales team is performing. You need to know what type of report to create if you want to drill down into your CRM Data or get a bird's eye view of your team's overall performance.

Audience: CRM Administrators, Sales Reps, Sales Managers, Marketing Manager, Top Executives, Business Owners

Objectives:This session helps you to:

  • Understand different types of reports
  • How to schedule a report
  • How to create a report
  • How to filter data
  • How to add a report to a dashboard

By RickyZoho CRM for Mobile Sales Teams

The evolution of mobile technology is not only empowering individuals to communicate with family & friends but also businesses to build better relationships with their customers from anywhere in the world. If you're a salesperson on the move, carrying customer information and deals in your pocket, then this session is for you. Learn the basics of setting up CRM Mobile App in your iPhone, Android or iPad, efficient use of various nifty tools, like send email, find nearby contacts, sync calendar with CRM and update progress of deals even from a remote location.

Audience: New to Zoho CRM

Objectives:This session helps you to:

  • Understand the importance of mobile sales
  • Download mobile apps
  • Activate Mobile App from CRM
  • Sync Conctacts and Calendar
  • Enter Leads from app

By GauthamZoho Survey: Getting the Most Out of Your Customer's Feedback

Surveys have become a tedious chore. However, they are also one of the most effective feedback tools available. This session will show you how Zoho Survey can help you attain the best out of your surveys. Learn how to get quality feedback, higher response rates, and better engagement with your customers is what you can look forward to, through learnings from this session.

Audience: Sales Managers, Marketing Managers, Business Owners

Objectives:This session helps you to:

  • Understanding the pitfalls in creating Surveys
  • Learning the Litmus test for better surveys
  • Discover the tools that Zoho Survey provides to create the best surveys.

By PrashanthMulti-channel customer service using Zoho Support

Great customer service is a substantial competitive edge, and rightly so. It's tricky to deliver great customer service even with an enthusiastic team. The right software can make that a lot less tricky. You'll get to see how Zoho Support can help your team create more customer happiness in every interaction. Learn how it integrates with CRM while improving agent productivity. Understand how customer service reporting can help your team continuously improve your service experience and deliver more happiness to customers everyday.

Audience: New to Zoho Support

Objectives:This session helps you to:

  • Understand what Zoho Support is
  • Learn basic terms used in the product
  • Get an overview of Multi-channel customer service
  • See how integrating with a CRM can be extremely useful
  • Understand how notifications and automation rules work
  • Understand all the customization options available to you
  • See how you don't have to be chained to a desk at all


Get inspired by interesting apps built by some of the most innovative developers.

Email Integration within CRM

This session helps you:

  • Understand the importance of email in sales
  • Configure your email integration
  • Send emails from Zoho CRM
  • Receive emails in Zoho CRM
  • Copy emails from third-party mail clients
  • Integration with MS Outlook, Gmail, and iCal

Automation Using Workflows in Zoho CRM

This session helps you:

  • Understand the importance of automating sales activities
  • Set up workflow rules and actions
  • Set up webhooks
  • Set up time-based actions
  • Set up case-escalation rules
  • Use workflow rules in real time (import data, web forms)

Extending Zoho CRM with Zoho Creator

This session helps you:

  • Learn why you need custom applications to compliment your CRM implementation
  • Connect a Zoho Creator application to related CRM information
  • Utilize custom functions to execute the most complex of workflows
  • Have a more powerful and automated Sales Process and CRM

Extending CRM using Zoho Reports

This session helps you:

  • Learn the importance of making informed, data-driven decisions
  • Create meaningful reports and dashboards using Zoho Reports
  • Integrate Zoho CRM with Zoho Reports

By Aravind NatarajanIntro to Zoho Reports and Advanced CRM Analytics

This session talks about business intelligence / analytics. Introduces you to Zoho Reports, Zoho's BI tool. And demonstrates how to set up advanced analytics for Zoho CRM, powered by Zoho Reports.

Audience: Sales, Marketing, Support, CXOs, IT, Business Owners

Objectives:This session helps you to:

  • Intro to business Intelligence / business analytics
  • Learn about Zoho Reports
  • Know about advanced analytics for Zoho CRM
  • Set up advanced analytics for Zoho CRM

By Ambi MoorthyAutomate Your Website Visitor Engagement in Real-time

Increase your sales conversions by automating your website visitor engagement. Configure intelligent triggers on your website and engage in contextual conversations with your prospects.

Audience: Marketing, Sales & Business Development

Objectives:This session helps you to:

  • Tagging your website visitors name & e-mail
  • Setting up intelligent triggers
  • Executing activity based customized actions

By SharanyaAdvanced Marketing Automation with Zoho Campaigns

Why should you consider moving from email marketing to email marketing automation? This session gives you a complete overview of the marketing automation features in Zoho Campaigns.

Audience: Marketing Teams

Objectives:This session helps you to:

  • Why choose email marketing automation?
  • What are the benefits of email marketing automation?
  • A product demo - Automation in Zoho Campaigns

By MeeraSocial Selling with Zoho CRM

During this session we'll talk about social selling and how you can make the most of the social features available on Zoho CRM. You'll also get a sneak peak at our upcoming new social features!

Audience: Business owners, Salespeople and Marketers

Objectives:This session helps you to:

  • Setup your social media channels on Zoho CRM
  • Generate Leads from social media
  • Interact with your prospects and customers

By TejasExtending CRM with Zoho Creator

Zoho CRM doesn't have to be limited to housing your sales information. You have needs that are unique to your business and require a simple to build extension that easily integrates with your CRM. Find out how Zoho Creator can help expand the scope of Zoho CRM.

Audience: CRM Administrator, Developers

Objectives:This session helps you to:

  • Learn the endless possibilities of Zoho Creator
  • Build your CRM to be more than just a Sales Platform
  • See how to build custom apps for both front office and back office needs

By TejasAdvanced CRM Automation with Custom Functions

Zoho CRM Custom functions help you to update the data in related CRM modules or third-party applications by executing easy to program scripts. When a record matches the workflow criteria, our workflow engine automatically triggers the custom function and can execute a variety of different actions. With custom functions, you can program scripts using our Deluge language (powered by Zoho Creator), associate them to workflow rules, and automate almost any business process.

Audience: CRM Administrator, Developers

Objectives:This session helps you to:

  • Learn to use the Gallery Functions available in the CRM
  • Build a Custom Function from scratch
  • Learn about the endless possibilities of automation with Custom Functions

By Ambi MoorthyIncrease Your Sales Conversions with SalesIQ's Targeted Lead Scoring

Turn your website into your little black book of leads for your to analyze and act on. Prioritize your leads as hot, war and cold to increase sales conversions.

Audience: Marketing, Sales & Business Development

Objectives:This session helps you to:

  • How to turn your website into a little black book of leads
  • How to act-on & analyze your website visitor list
  • Lead scoring techniques to increase sales conversions

By PrashanthZoho Support Next Gen Preview

Get introduced to the new Zoho Support. Over the last year, we've built a completely new experience from the ground up. You'll understand how it drastically elevates agent performance, helps the team function as a single strong unit and enables continuous improvement at every level. This is truly the next level in customer service software.

Audience: New to Zoho Support, Existing users of Zoho Support

By Susan Clark6 Keys to a Successful CRM Implementation

The success of CRM implementation mainly depends on the best usage of system, people and processes. Adopting the industry best practices while implementing CRM reaps the actual benefits of customer relationships. In this session, we will uncover most useful tips and hidden gems of Zoho CRM that help you focus more on selling and less time on routine sales activities.

Audience: Sales, Marketing, Top Management and CRM Administrators

Objectives:This session helps you to:

  • Lead management
  • Sales Pipeline management
  • Customization
  • Data Administration

By David Hilbert / Gopal SripadaNew Product Preview

Have you ever had difficulty motivating your sales team? Are the pressures of ever-increasing sales goals making your job less fun? In this session we’ll preview a new Zoho product that helps you boost sales performance, increase sales team engagement, and motivate adoption of CRM best practices – all while having more fun! Harness individuals’ competitive and collaborative natures. Boost opportunities for self-improvement and coaching. Gain real-time visibility into the health of your sales pipeline with “one-click” actions to get the most out of your team and your CRM investment. Come to this session to find out how.

Audience: Sales and Marketing

By Austin TalbertCustomer Service from A to Z: Practical Lessons from the World's Best Brands

Free lessons from the world's most beloved brands. Grab practical advice from the brands we all love—from Amazon, to Zappos—on improving your customer service, sales efforts and the value of your marketing. Regardless of your role—business owner, manager, or team member—you will walk away armed with proven, helpful tips you can start using TODAY.

Audience: Everyone willing to learn

Objectives:This session helps you to:

  • Discovering the not-so-secret super powers the world's most loved brands share.
  • Learning proven, practical wisdom to help you and your team thrive.
  • Morph awe of the best into inspiration.

By Austin TalbertCustomer Service in Context: Unlocking the Power of Your Existing Customer Data

Your business already has a massive treasure trove hidden inside your customer data—you just need the map. Zoho Support in tandem with Zoho CRM unlocks the value of your existing customer data and unleashed the full power of marketing + sales + customer service in tandem.

Audience: Customer Service, Business Owners, Sales Managers, Account Reps, Support Agents

Objectives:This session helps you to:

  • Understand the true importance of context in customer relationships
  • See how CRM + Support arms everyone with valuable context at the right moment.
  • Gaze into the future of deeper context.

By SarahGetting the most out of the Zoho Campaigns and CRM Integration

Why should you use CRM with your email marketing software? This sessions explains the benefits of connecting Zoho CRM with Zoho Campaigns.

Audience: Sales Teams, Marketing Teams

Objectives:This session helps you to:

  • The benefits of connecting CRM with Email Marketing
  • Benefits of connecting Zoho CRM with Zoho Campaigns
  • Product Demo - How to use Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns together

By ArunZoho CRM Integration with Zoho SalesIQ

If you have a website, you have website visitors. But what happens to those visitors while their on your site? By integrating SalesIQ with CRM, you'll be able to track your website visitors, turn them into qualified leads and then see their website visit history from your CRM.

Audience: CRM Administrators, Website Developers, Sales and Marketing Professionals

Objectives:This session helps you to:

  • Learn the importance of knowing who your website visitors are
  • How to use this information to increase your sales
  • How to integrate SalesIQ with CRM

By Mason HeringTrack Customer Loyalty Using CRM, Campaigns and Survey

It's easy to assume you know the pulse of your customers, but why guess when you can know for sure? This session will show you how we at Zoho build customer loyalty, gather feedback and measure the results. We will show you how a tight integration between Zoho CRM, Campaigns and Survey help you easily gather crucial feedback from your most important critics or fans.

Audience: Business owners, Salespeople and Marketers

Objectives:This session helps you to:

  • Discuss the concept of customer loyalty and why it's important
  • Review best practices for measuring customer loyalty
  • View the integration between CRM, Campaigns and Survey

By RickyContextual Integration Between CRM and Email

Email communication has changed the way we do business today and having your CRM integrated with Email is no more a luxury. In this session, you will learn the importance of CRM plus Email to collaborate with colleagues and close more deals for your company. You will gain hands-on experience with Zoho Mail Add-on configuration, receive email notifications, share customer emails with colleagues, and BCC emails from other Email systems to CRM. In addition, you'll also learn setting up Plug-in for MS Outlook.

Audience: Sales Reps, Sales Managers, Marketing Manager, Top Executives, Business Owners.

Objectives:This session helps you to:

  • Understand the importance of email in sales
  • Send email from CRM
  • Configure emails within CRM
  • Receive mail notifications
  • Copy emails from third-party mail clients

By Bala / DilipSales Tools for Collaboration and High Productivity

When teams collaborate and are productive, your business will grow quicker. There are many ways a sales team can achieve success and we've chosen some of the best integration to showcase during this session. See how these integrations can help make your sales team productive.

Audience: New to Zoho CRM

Objectives:This session helps you to:

  • How to use Feeds in CRM
  • Use quick actions and macros
  • Use Mail Merge
  • Understand importance of sales productivity
  • Using the document library in CRM

By LauraPractical Business Applications Using CRM Plus

Zoho CRM Plus is a bundle of eight sales and marketing products. It can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out how they all work together and if you need them. This session will provide you with some practical examples of how CRM Plus can help create integrated systems, processes and teams in your business.

Audience: Marketing Team, Upper Management, Support team, Sales Team, Sales Managers

Objectives:This session helps you to:

  • Understand Customer Centricity and where it starts
  • Practical examples of using an integrated system
  • Solutions for disconnected systems and processes

By Aravind NatarajanData-Driven Sales & Marketing Using Advanced CRM Analytics

Crunch your CRM data and convert it to valuable insights. Know in advance how your sales in upcoming months, quarters is going to be. Blend data from other sources with data from Zoho CRM.

Audience: Sales, Marketing

Objectives:This session helps you to:

  • Pipeline analytics
  • Sales force analytics
  • Inventory analytics
  • Forecasting example
  • Blending data from multiple sources

By Mason HeringIntegrating Zoho CRM with Google Apps

Google Apps is a great tool for communicating and collaborating, but it doesn't address your specific need for applications that help you complete your specific job function. By integrating Zoho CRM and Google Apps, you have the best of both worlds at your fingertips. In this session we will go over all the integration points between the two and show you step by step how to set them up for your organization.

Audience: Sales Team

Objectives:This session helps you to:

  • Import Contacts
  • Sync Contacts Calendar and Gmail
  • Attach files from Drive to CRM

By Gopal SripadaMeasuring ROI from Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a cost-effective online advertising platform to generate leads for your business. Integration with Zoho CRM helps you track ROI of your marketing expenditure. Close the gap between your online leads and offline closes. Learn how to set up web to lead form for AdWords campaigns, manage ads within CRM, and track ROI of each campaign. In addition, this session will cover pre-built reports for ad campaigns and customizing reports as per your business needs.

Audience: Marketing Executives, Google Adwords Manager, CRM Administrator

Objectives:This session helps you to:

  • Understand Importance of Google Adwords Integration with Zoho CRM
  • Connect CRM and Google Adwords Account
  • Set up Google Adwords Campaign from CRM
  • Set up Web to Lead form for Adwords campaign

By Bala / DilipIntegrating Telephony (PBX) systems

An integrated telephone system with your CRM and Support system will help your customer experience. Zoho CRM and Zoho Support integrate with PBX hosted phone systems like Ring Central, Avaya, Ringio, Twilio and more. Learn how to integrate systems like these with your CRM and Support system.

Audience: Sales reps and CRM Administrators

Objectives:This session helps you to:

  • Understand types of PBX hosted phone systems
  • Understand the benefits of an integrated phone system
  • Learn how to setup a phonebridge
  • How to integrate a PBX hosted system with CRM and Support

By Mason HeringEnhance Your CRM with Third Party Integrations

Even though we know you love Zoho, we recognize there are other products you use regularly to help you work efficiently. This session will walk you through the most popular 3rd party integrations developed by ourselves and our technology partners. Learn what integrations are available and how they may help get more done easier than ever before.

Audience: Sales and Marketing professionals, CRM Administrators and Business Owners

Objectives:This session helps you to:

  • Review the list of 3rd party applications available to integrate with Zoho CRM
  • Discuss Microsoft Outlook plug-in for Zoho CRM
  • Review Mail Merge functions with Zoho Writer and Microsoft Office
  • Introduction to Unbounce integration