Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Zoholics?

    Zoholics is our user conference for training users on all our products. We host a series of events around the world focused on learning from and connecting with fellow Zoho users to help everyone get the most out of our software. With sessions covering everything from basic usage to advanced techniques, Zoholics is the ideal place to learn new tricks and gain knowledge to help you transform your business. 

  • How much does the event cost?

    The registration fee depends on the Zoholics event you plan to attend. We have an early bird discount for every event, so we recommend you register early for the best price.

  • When does registration close?

    Registration for the events will close one hour before the event starts or when all tickets are sold.

  • I have a promo code, how do I use it?

    A promo code is a set of letters and/or numbers that entitles you to receive a special offer or discount. Input your code in the promotional code tab when ordering your tickets. 

  • Can I register for someone else?

    Yes, you can.

  • Do you offer student or government employee discount?

    No, we do not offer these discounts.

  • What will I learn at the event?

    We have sessions for new users as well as for our long-time, premium users. Learn how to get started using Zoho apps from more experienced users. If you are already a pro user, check out the more in-depth training sessions and learn more about advanced functionality, integrations, and best practices. 

  • What do I need to bring to attend the event?

    To check in and obtain your participation badge, simply present your proof of registration in the form of your ticket and QR code that was sent to your email immediately after you registered online.

  • Can I still buy a ticket if I decide to attend the event just a few hours before it starts?

    We have limited seats available for these events. If tickets are still available, you can register until one hour before the event. 

  • Will there be free Wi-Fi?

    Yes. There will be free Wi-Fi available for all attendees of the event.

  • Will you be live streaming this conference?

    The conference will not be streamed live; however, sessions will be available on Zoho's YouTube channel after the event.

  • What about food?

    We provide lunch during all Zoholics events. There will also be refreshment breaks. Depending on the event and the location we may also provide a continental breakfast. We will have vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options available. If you have any other special dietary requirements, please mention the same in the registration form of the event you are participating in.

  • Will there be opportunities for me to build and strengthen my business network?

    Yes, there will be several opportunities. We strongly encourage attendees to get to know fellow users. You will also be able to learn how other users, including our long-term associates, use Zoho apps for their businesses.

  • Where do I stay, and how do I get to the location of the event?

    Please click on the Venue tab for accommodation recommendations for the event. This tab also has information on how to get to the venue for the conference. 

  • Are there any COVID19 protocols to be followed at Zoholics?

    Safety is paramount for us at Zoho. As seen in the past couple of years, the policies have changed constantly to ensure everyone's safety. We will follow the guidelines set by the local authorities. If there's any change which impacts the event, we will communicate to all registrants. 

  • Do I need to wear masks?

    Yes, it's recommended to wear a mask in the common areas. Here again, we will follow the guidelines set by the local authorities.

  • Do you provide a rapid test facility at the event?

    No, but it is recommended to take the test before arriving at the event venue. This is necessary to ensure your and others' safety. If you are not feeling well and decide not to attend the event, your ticket amount will be refunded.