Unified search for Zoho apps.

Stop switching between apps to find the information you need; Use Zia Search instead. Accomplish more with your personal Search assistant that can pull search results from 20+ apps across the Zoho suite, such as Mail, CRM, Desk, Documents, and Contacts.

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More than just a search

It lets you search multiple applications but that’s not all.

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Search across Zoho apps

With unified search, find results across your email, documents, CRM, Desk, Cliq, Contacts, and other Zoho applications. Instantly!

Search across multiple accounts, portals and networks

Zia Search can pull information from multiple Mail accounts, Desk portals, and Connect networks.

Search across multiple networks
Read and act on results

Read and act on the results

Preview your emails, Desk tickets, and documents or do contextual actions like replying to emails or assigning owners to tickets, right from the search interface.

Fine-grained filters

With the help of fine-grained filters, you can narrow down to the exact information you're looking for.

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Invoicing in one place

All things invoicing in one place

Get anything you need from Zoho Invoice: customer information, payment details, invoices, estimates, and more.

Integrated into many Zoho apps

Zia Search is also integrated into many Zoho apps, so you can invoke Zia search from any app in the suite. No more switching between apps to find relevant information.

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Find info on the move

With the Zia Search mobile app, find information fast across Zoho apps, even when you're on the move.

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Zia Search Browser Extension.

Zia Search browser extension brings the power of searching across Zoho Apps natively to your favourite browser.

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Search, Refine, Review, and Act.

All in one place

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