Summary of changes to Terms of Service

This document covers only the significant changes in Zoho ZeptoMail Terms of Use and is intended to explain the reasons for the changes. You understand that reading this document is not a substitute for reading the modified Terms of Use. Please do read the full text of the revised Terms of Use.

  1. We have removed "Accessing Third Party Applications Integrated with Zoho ZeptoMail" from our Terms of Use and it has been added as part of Zoho Terms of Service since most of Zoho Services integrate with several third party applications.
  2. We have added a new section titled "Dedicated IP" to explain our policy concerning the usage of our Dedicated IPs as part of a new Dedicated IP feature within Zoho ZeptoMail.
  3. Under a new head titled "Deliverability of Emails", we have clarified on how deliverability of emails could be affected by factors that are beyond Zoho's control.
  4. Under the new head "Suspension and Termination", we have elaborated on the instances where we will suspend or terminate your access to Zoho ZeptoMail.
  5. We have added a new section titled "No Refund" that enumerates the exceptional scenarios where Zoho will not provide you refund.