A deep dive into what ZeptoMail has to offer!

Secure transactional email sending with email tracking, detailed logs and reports. ZeptoMail is tailor-made for sending transactional emails, ensuring fast delivery and inbox placement for your application emails.

  • Quick set up with SMTP
  • Deep integration with email API
  • Email segmentation
  • Email insights
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Security and privacy
  • There’s more!
What makes ZeptoMail unique?

High email deliverability at no extra cost!

ZeptoMail is built with an undivided focus on transactional messages. By isolating transactional email sending from marketing emails, ZeptoMail protects the sender reputation of all our shared IPs to ensure high deliverability.

  • SMTP relay
  • Email API
  • Email segmentations
  • Email analytics
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Data security
  • Others

Quick set up with SMTP

You don’t need to be an application developer to use ZeptoMail. Simple SMTP configuration allows you to plug ZeptoMail with any application or platform your business runs on.

Quick setup with SMTP

Deep integration with email API

Building an application that relies heavily on emails? You can configure your application in ZeptoMail by using developer-friendly email API for a deeper integration so you can hit the ground running.

Deep integration with Email API

Email segmentation

Categorize your emails by domain, application, or purpose into groups called Mail Agents. You can view focused reports, control access and the email sending of each Mail Agent using unique API tokens and SMTP credentials.

Email segmentations

Email Insights

It doesn’t end with just sending emails. ZeptoMail equips you with tools to get deep insights into every email sent.

  • Email logs
  • Email retention
  • Activity tracking
  • Notifications

Email logs

Need to troubleshoot an email your customer could not find? ZeptoMail provides detailed information to improve your email performance. View the status, recipients, bounce details, clicks, and opens of every email from the processed email logs.

Email logs

Email content retention

You can choose to save the full content of the emails you send out. Save the content and come back to it in the future to analyze the performance of the email or troubleshoot.

Email content retention

Recipient activity tracking

With email tracking, ZeptoMail keeps you up to date on how your emails perform. You can monitor your email's bounces, opens, and clicks using ZeptoMail API. You can even use the custom domain to track recipient activity.

Recipient activity tracking

Real-time notifications

Configure webhooks to receive instant notification about bounce, click, and open events on your emails. Webhooks allow you to directly post these event notifications to any public URL instantly.

Real-time notifications

Comprehensive reports

Back your actions with data. ZeptoMail provides you with comprehensive reports and logs that keep you informed.

  • Reports overview
  • Custom reports
  • User activity logs

Reports overview

In ZeptoMail's reports section, you will be able to see the overview of the status of your emails and bounce categories along with browser, device, OS and email clients analytics.

Reports Overview

Custom reports

Generate custom reports to compare recipient activities on emails sent from different Mail Agents. You can choose the activities and Mail Agents you wish to compare and even save the generated reports for future use.

Custom reports

User activity logs

ZeptoMail's activity log gives you a detailed report on every action performed by users in your account. You can view the date and time of the action, entity involved, user that performed the action and the details of the action itself.

User activity logs

Security and Privacy

Transactional emails often carry important and confidential information. Which is why ZeptoMail is built with a security-first approach.

Email security

ZeptoMail supports encryption at rest and TLS, ensuring your emails can be encrypted both in transit and when stored. Your domains in ZeptoMail are protected against spoofing through email standards like SPF, DKIM, and CNAME verifications.

Two-factor authentication

Secure your account from unauthorized access with two-factor authentication. You can use Zoho OneAuth application, Touch ID, or even send codes to yourself as an extra layer of defense during login.

User level permissions

Advanced user permissions help you manage which users have access to each of your Mail Agents. You can also assign roles to each user to control the create, edit, view, and delete privileges for Mail Agents, domains, and more.

IP restrictions

To protect your email sending, you can configure IP restrictions. While access to the account itself won't be restricted, email sending will be allowed only from the IP or IP ranges you provide.

Regulations compliance

ZeptoMail is compliant with major industry regulations. With the finest practices in privacy and email security, we have been awarded with GDPR compliance, HIPAA compliance, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, 27017, 27701, 9001, 27018, SOC 1 and SOC 2 Type II.

There’s more!

Email templates

No longer write the same email over and over again. Choose from the sample templates available or create your own from scratch. Add attachments, content and images to use whenever needed.

Suppression list

Keeping your bounces and spam low is key to your deliverability. You can add email addresses and domains that cause bounces to suppression list to ensure that email sending is blocked to them in the future.

Sender address

You can add email addresses and verify them in ZeptoMail as sender addresses. You can use these to send emails if you do not wish to add/verify your domain in ZeptoMail.

Notification settings

Customize your notifications to fit your preferences. Based on your settings, you’ll receive notifications of credit expiry, low credit balance, and regular email sending summaries.

Export logs

Why stop with viewing? You can export the logs you need from ZeptoMail to use for future reference or to share it with people you choose. You can filter these exports based on multiple criteria to narrow it down.

File Cache

Uploading attachments to your transactional email each time is tedious and unproductive. With file cache, you can upload attachments to ZeptoMail and simply use the reference ID while sending emails.

We work well with others!

We understand that a business operates on multiple platforms. ZeptoMail has a list of integrations with Zoho and third-party applications that only keeps growing.