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"We wanted to optimize delivery but no provider delivered more than 80% to inbox. With ZeptoMail, we have 92% delivery into inbox. Another beauty of ZeptoMail is that you get the delivery report immediately after the relay."

Purnendu Mohanty

Founder UNB Solutions

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    "I came across ZeptoMail while using Zoho Mail for my business. just wanted a simple way to make sure that any transaction emails got to our customers quickly an reliably, and Zoho has always provided a good service to us for regular email so we wanted to give it a try. We have had zero issues with customers receiving their transaction emails from ZeptoMail, which is exactly what we were looking for. I would highly recommend the Zoho ZeptoMail service to those companies that want one less thing to worry about. I think what sets ZeptoMail apart from other services is that it is pay as you go, rather than committing to a monthly fee for a quantity of email you will never use with ZeptoMail you simply buy a credit and use it at your own pace, which is extremely valuable to small businesses and startups. ZeptoMail is the first transactional email service I have used, usually I would set up my own email server, but that can be a headache to maintain, this is by far the easiest and the most cost effective solution."

    Steve BarnesCTO

    "We had been using an on-premise emailing solution and later migrated to Zoho Mail. We came across ZeptoMail during this process. ZeptoMail's SMTP configuration option along with separate Mail Agents for specific functions and mail monitoring convinced us to move to ZeptoMail for our transactional emails. We were able to migrate to ZeptoMail effortlessly from our previous solution. ZeptoMail has allowed us to minimize the frequency of transactional reports and helped us improve our business deals with better email deliverability. We would definitely recommend Zoho services as a solution for prospective business needs."

    Perathuselvam SDeputy Manager - System Support

    "We had previously been using Twilio Sendgrid for our projects’ transactional emails but lately had been experiencing deliverability issues. This was obviously a big problem for production websites. As a website development firm, our requirements were a highly available API-based or SMTP-based mailing system that our servers could connect to directly. ZeptoMail offered both of these and a competitive pricing model. Comparing ZeptoMail to our previous provider, we are up to almost 100% inbox delivery. Also, ZeptoMail’s admin dashboard is really well thought-out and easy to use! I would definitely recommend Zoho in general and ZeptoMail in particular to any developers or SMBs that have mission-critical email needs. What sets ZeptoMail apart is that it does one thing and one thing very well – transactional email delivery. By excluding marketing emails from its system, it has a laser focus on speed and deliverability."

    James LittleOwner and Lead Developer

    "We have been with Zoho for 13 years and have been a huge fan. I came across ZeptoMail on Zoho's website and also was informed of the service by our account manager. We were using Mandrill/ MailChimp transactional before ZeptoMail. ZeptoMail came at 20% price of MailChimp but had the same quality and got the job done. We were looking for simplicity, quick support, easy integration and delivery quality. ZeptoMail offered all of this and so we were compelled to switch. ZeptoMail has helped us handle our volume efficiently and works very smooth. It is robust and scalable. I would 100% recommend ZeptoMail to other businesses like us."

    Rohit GadiaFounder

    "We presently send thousands of transactional emails everyday for a Government of India & UNICEF project that identifies the best schools in India to award them. As an existing user of other Zoho applications, we came across ZeptoMail. We were looking for a fast, secure transactional email service with a great dashboard, reports, great inbox delivery and easy bounce tracking. We found all of this in ZeptoMail. Our overall journey with ZeptoMail has been great. I'll surely recommend ZeptoMail to other businesses and we are currently in the process of adding more organizations to ZeptoMail."

    Srinivas ChagantiManaging Director

    "We were looking for transactional email services for sending notifications, welcome and subscription related emails. This was to strengthen customer relationship. We were looking for solution which is cost effective, easy to configure, has better analytics and customer support. ZeptoMail helps in improving customer relationship since it has high open rate. We can extract detailed report on deliverability. API integration is an excellent feature. We had consideration based on commercials, configuration related flexibility and dashboards for monitoring. It has been very good and more than 99% of the mail gets delivered. Good customer service and very minimum glitches are the main reason why I would recommend ZeptoMail to other businesses."

    Vishal PSVice President - CRM Product Head
    Punchline Technologies

    "We are a technology company and wanted a reliable outgoing email service for our transactional emails to reach our users' inboxes. We checked out Zoho products since we used ZohoMail for our business emails and found ZeptoMail. It has been reliable and affordable since we started using it. With ZeptoMail, we send as many emails as we need to fulfill our email-sending requirements. Our email has consistently reached our users' inboxes, unlike our previous transactional email solution service provider, whose solution didn't meet our requirements."

    Oluwaseyi AFounder

    "The Zoho ZeptoMail is the perfect solution for transactional email. We are using ZeptoMail for a very long time, and we were looking for reliable and pocket-friendly but quality service for our transactional email. Due to GDPR implemented, we have moved from on-premise to ZeptoMail. After moving to ZeptoMail lots of issues have been sorted. Earlier we had daily basis trouble with Transactional Email due to blacklist IPs with our on-premise SMTP Server and it was a hassle to maintain the SMTP Server with daily basis challenges. The main difference between ZeptoMail and other service providers is you can use your Transactional email credits at your own pace, which means you have buy the credit and you do not need to worry about monthly billing, what other service providers do is that they charge monthly, does not matter you use your credit or not. We would highly recommend Zoho ZeptoMail to those companies that who looking for reliable service and quality service."

    Gautam BasraManager-System Support
    Alice Blue India

    "We have over 5 lakh traders that use our mobile and web applications. On a daily basis we send transactional emails in large volumes for daily reports, billing, digitally signed reports , retention statements etc. We tried multiple well-known services but were not satisfied with their pricing and performance. ZeptoMail's SMTP has helped us achieve affordable and reliable delivery. Ease of Dashboard access and less cost compared to other service providers made us choose ZeptoMail."

    Alice Blue IndiaIT Head
    Coding Hands Infotech LLP

    "I was in search for API based email services for transactional emails and I saw Zoho ZeptoMail. The features seemed perfect for our use case. We wanted the email service just for transactional mails like OTPs or password links and setting this up in ZeptoMail was easy. We are a IT service based company and we work on solutions for different client projects and it was easy for us to use ZeptoMail for sending emails from different domains for different projects by managing the email credits in one place. The previous provider we used had a much lengthier process for sign up and account activations. We started using ZeptoMail for our projects transactional email requirements like OTPs and other notification emails and the whole thing was smooth from setting up to integration. "

    Sujith ChandranCoding Hands Infotech LLP
    Arcane Technology Solutions LLC

    "As a user of ZohoOne, I happened across ZeptoMail while exploring all Zoho has to offer. It seemed very easy to use and setup. I can easily setup multiple mail agents and enable/disable them individually. I also like that I can also track each one and view their mail analysis. Absolutely. Was confusing to configure and I felt like I was always being sold other services offered by the provider. I’ve been setting up and configuring transactional mail for the business and our clients for years. Going between running mail servers in house and outsourcing, but could never find something that was in our budget and provided the features we needed. Zeptomail does everything we need, it’s easy to use and setup and I’ve never had to worry about downtime."

    AdamArcane Technology Solutions LLC

    "Zoho ZeptoMail is really efficient and promising in delivery and helped with the communicating valuable information to users. I would highly recommend other businesses to use and explore Zoho ZeptoMail services. Previous provider was not this efficient, it was difficult to understand, configure and limited flexibility; ZeptoMail is comparatively more efficient and promising in delivery. Easy to configure and analyze the transactions. Journey so far was really easy to go with configuring emails. We are really happy with the services. "


    "The previous service we were using wasn't up to the mark, and documentation seemed to miss some key details. Many times, the website was slow to respond to even basic changes. So, we were looking to switch. At that time, we saw ZeptoMail and liked that idea that it was being run by Zoho which has experience in running mail servers for decades. Easy to understand documentation, clarity on security features, ease of configuration of security features, simple pricing, developer-friendly customization pages, fast customization of email templates including direct HTML customization, easy renewals, no hidden costs, no automatic charges to our cards. We are a sports analytics and live sports data graphics company. We deliver all our analytics and graphics via the cloud. Our customers expect notifications when key events happen - such as when a file gets uploaded, when someone has created a new analytics, someone has left a comment on the analytics, someone has created drawings etc. We manage all of these use notifications using ZeptoMail."

    Shankar SivaramakrishnanCo-Founder, BanyanBoard

    "As a SaaS business owner, I learned about ZeptoMail while researching email solutions and signed up for the deliverability guarantees and analytics. ZeptoMail has helped our multiple software businesses to engage customers through easy-to-use APIs and insightful reports. Open and click rates have gone up dramatically since switching platforms. I highly recommend ZeptoMail to other SaaS and small businesses looking to effectively scale email sending. The features are straightforward but powerful. My previous provider had deliverability problems leading to low engagement. ZeptoMail's dedicated IP and sender reputation ensure my emails get to the inbox. Their support also quickly answers questions. Overall, ZeptoMail has been an invaluable email platform for us. The innovative features help me connect with more potential customers everyday. It's a must-have tool for any growth-focused SaaS business."

    Muse GRAVITY

    "I discovered Zoho ZeptoMail while searching for a reliable and cost-effective transactional email service. Their reputation for quick email delivery and easy setup caught my attention. The features that convinced me to sign up were its SMTP configuration, robust email API, and the ability to segment emails into different streams. The user-friendly interface and affordable pricing were also major factors. ZeptoMail has significantly improved our email delivery efficiency. The high open rates and detailed deliverability reports have been instrumental in enhancing our customer communications and business workflows. Its combination of performance, price, and features is outstanding. Previously, we faced issues with email deliverability and complex configurations. ZeptoMail resolved these with its straightforward setup and consistent, reliable email delivery. Our journey with ZeptoMail has been transformative. From the effortless migration to experiencing improved customer interactions, it's been a game-changer in how we manage our transactional emails."

    JayashMuse GRAVITY
    Kumars Technology

    "We were trying for an email service that is uncluttered, plain, and simple to use. We wanted emails to reach users during registration and for confirmation of changes availed by the user. We found a few services online, including Zoho. We tried ZeptoMail out and found it to be very simple to integrate with our process. We were looking for a simple and straightforward email service to reach our users and on-demand. ZeptoMail does just that. The service has a nice and clean dashboard to tell you what you need to know in one glance. You can enable saving the emails which is a very good feature. We also get a weekly notification with summary of activities."

    G JkumarKumars Technology