Transactional email sending made easy for agencies

Handling email sending for multiple clients? ZeptoMail has all of the tools you need to manage your clients, boost their emails’ deliverability, and get comprehensive details on those emails.

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“We typically handle outbound communication or omni channel relay for big enterprises like banks, insurance and utilities. ZeptoMail has helped us increase our revenue in a big way and also increased our customer base.”

Purnendu Mohanty Founder / UNB Solutions

Isolation and unification: The best of both worlds.

Managing multiple clients from a single account can be confusing. With ZeptoMail, you can isolate each client by assigning them to Mail Agents then use the dashboard to monitor them all. Isolation—along with the convenience of unification.

Separate clients into Mail Agents

Separate every client's email sending activity by using Mail Agents that act as sub-accounts. Every Mail Agent has unique SMTP credentials and API tokens, email logs, associated domains, and more.

  Overview Setup details Associated domains Email templates Webhooks Email tracking


Get a brief overview of the emails sent from the Mail Agent with counts of sent, bounced, and delivered emails along with bounce categories.

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Setup details

Each Mail Agent comes with a unique SMTP credential and API token that helps isolate email sending for each client.

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Associated domains

You can add and verify your client's brand domain to associate them with each Mail Agent for email sending.

Associated domains Domains Inner Image

Email templates

Use readily available templates, or create client-specific templates within their Mail Agents for easy access.

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Keep your client informed about their email activity with notifications to the URL of their choice through webhooks.

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Email tracking

Enable and configure email tracking for your client's emails from their Mail Agent to stay on top of their email performance.

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Comprehensive email logs

The processed emails section under each Mail Agent gives you detailed insight into every email you send for your client. Search, filter, and view any email with ease.

Detailed view
Stored content

Extensive support

We understand that when you're handling multiple clients, technical support and assistance is crucial. With ZeptoMail, you get around-the-clock support from our knowledgeable support engineers for whatever you need.

Extensive support
Chat support Call support

White-labeled solution

You can get a completely rebranded transactional email sending platform with our white-labeling option. Replace ZeptoMail branding with your own so your clients only see your brand.

Frequently asked questions

What is an agency?

An agency is a business that handles email sending for multiple clients from one single platform—in this case, Zoho ZeptoMail. Agencies manages the domains and transactional emails sent from the domains.

What are the challenges of an agency?

Handling multiple clients from one platform, Isolating multiple clients' data, Protecting sender reputation, Improving email performance

How does ZeptoMail's credit system work?

Credits function as units of payment for ZeptoMail. Each credit allows you to send 10,000 emails. You can buy multiple credits, or one credit at a time. All credits expire six months after purchase.

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