Is it possible to automatically update the amount to a potential in Zoho CRM, once the status of the invoice associated to it is changed to paid in Zoho Books?

Yes, this can be achieved, by using webhooks and workflow rules. Let us zip through the process:

Go to Settings -> Automation -> Webhooks. Now create a new webhook with the following parameters:

Webhook code for invoice total

  • Add the required Parameters.
  • Entity parameters: Check the box that says Append Selected Parameters and conditions should be Parameter Name: id = Invoice -> Parameter Value: ZCRM Potential ID
  • Next, check the box that says Add User defined Parameters, specify Parameter Name as xmlData, type in the code and insert the placeholder for Invoice total (${INVOICE.INVOICE_TOTAL}) as shown in the image below.

Click on Save.

Webhook code for invoice total

Next, navigate to Workflow Rules and set up a workflow rule with the following parameters:

  • Module: Invoice
  • When to trigger: When an Invoice is Edited
  • Execute the workflow: When any field is updated
  • Choose the frequency; just once or everytime
  • Filter the trigger: When Status is Paid
  • Action: Type - Webhooks Name - updateCRM

Don’t forget to hit Save.

This will ensure to update the amount in the invoice in Zoho CRM, when its status is changed to paid in Zoho Books.

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