Working with Signature

Inserting a Signature:

Signatures are required when you are sending job application forms, sending contracts, and so on. What if you want to create a template in Writer and insert your signature directly without having to switch between tabs? You can now create a new template in Writer and insert signature and sign fields right away.

  • Click > Insert
  • In the menu that follows, you will see 'Signature and Initial' fields as shown below.
  • Click and you will see this dialog box.
  1. Type Text - You can type in your signature and choose any one of the font styles from the list.
  2. Draw Signature - You can sign with your free hand in the space provided.
  3. Capture As Photo - You can capture a photo of your signature using your device camera and use it here.
  4. Upload As Photo - You can also choose a picture from your device and upload it.
  5. Zoho Sign - You can also insert your signature using your Zoho Sign account.
  6. Once you select Edit in Zoho Sign, a dialog box opens where you can configure your signature, add a stamp, manage the date format and time zone.

If you are new to Zoho Sign, here's where you can get started.


Once you add a signature in any of the above mentioned formats, the signature will be inserted as an image and it can be edited just like any other image.

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