Working with Fields

Working with Fields

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Writer lets you add different fields that has the data to be placed in your document.

Before you get started, define the fields and determine the type of data to be entered into the respective fields.

You can insert the following fields in your Writer document.

  • Autofields: Use Autofields to display the date, page number, page count, etc., in your print out.
  • Signature/Signer fields: These fields can be assigned to different signers during a sign workflow. Each signer will be assigned with fields including Signature, Initial, Company, Job Title, Date, Time, etc.
  • Fillable fields: These are the fields that can be defined within the document (Text box, Email, Phone, Date, Percent, Currency, Checkbox, and so on)

This page explains how you can insert various fields in your Writer template and assign them to different users.


If you want to display the current date, page number, page count, author name, document name and document version in your print out, this option can prove useful.

To insert autofields,

  1. Click where you want the autofield to appear.
  2. Click More > Insert >Autofields.
  3. Choose an autofield to be inserted. For example, if you want to add the current date, click on the date field. Make sure you place the cursor in the required place in your document before inserting the autofields.

Insert date

To insert date in your document,

  1. Click where you want the date to appear.
  2. Click More > Insert >Autofields > Date. The current date will be inserted.
  3. Click on the inserted date field if you want to manage the date settings. You can change the date format and choose to update the field automatically or manually.

Signer fields

Signer fields will be assigned to specific signers during the Sign Workflow. For example, if you want to create a contract template and you require multiple signers to sign your documents electronically. All you need to do is to create a template in Writer and place the signature tags and fields in your document appropriately and assign each field to a particular signer. Each signer will be assigned with a Signature field and other related signer fields as required.

How to insert signer fields?

Step 1: Create a template

Start by creating a new document template or open an existing template that is ready to add the signer fields.

Step 2: Add signers

Click More > Insert > Sign and fillable fields > Signer fields. The Signer Fields panel will open. Start adding the required number of signers in your document.

Note: You can add up to 10 signers.

Step 3: Insert field for signers

In the Signer Fields tab, you can add different sign fields to your document and assign it to each signer.

Your template will be created with Signer fields. Once done, you can share the file to the respective signers. See also Sign Workflow process.

Fillable fields

Use fillable fields to make your document look like a pre-printed fillable form with necessary fields instead of looking like a paper with blank lines.

To create a new fillable document in Writer, you need to start with a new template and then add the required fields. Writer encompasses the most popularly used fillable fields, including name, text boxes, drop down lists, email, phone, date, percent, currency, select boxes, and check boxes.

Creating a document with fillable fields begins with just a few basic steps. See below.

Step 1: Create a fillable template

Start with a new document and insert fillable fields.

To insert fillable fields,

  1. Click More > Insert > Sign and fillable fields > Fillable fields. The Fillable Fields panel will open.
  2. Add the required fields in your template.
  3. You can insert conditions to your template, from the Advanced fields section. Click here for detailed steps.

Step 2: Configure field properties

Whenever you insert a fillable field, the corresponding fields properties panel will open. You can change the settings of each field here. Also, you can set the required fields to Read Only mode as required.

Link fields

You can insert a fillable field and link it with another field. Linking fields help to fill the related data anywhere in your document automatically. You need to configure same tag name to the fields that has to be linked in multiple places.

To link fields,

  1. Click on any field in the template.
  2. In the field properties panel, enter a unique label name to your field and hit Enter.
  3. For example, you have username field that repeats multiple times in your template. You can link each field with the same label name.
  4. Now share your document in Read/Fill mode to your collaborators.
  5. Whenever the collaborator fills in the username field, the remaining fields with the same tag name will be filled automatically, thus saving your time.

Set read-only mode

If you want to control how much others can edit a field in your document, you can use the Read Only mode option.

To set read-only mode to your fields,

  1. Click on any fillable field in your document. The corresponding Field Properties panel will open.
  2. Enable the Read Only mode button for that field.

Format fillable fields

You can format of the fillable field by changing the font style, color and size of the text.

To format the fillable fields,

  1. Click on any fillable field in your document and click on the format icon that appears near the respective field.
  2. The pinnable tool panel with formatting options will be shown. Format the text as required and the changes will be applied for the fillable fields.

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