Working with Code and Quote

Working with Code and Block Quote

How to

Create block quote

Make distinct excerpts of your content stand out and visually appealing, with pull quotes/ block quotes.

To create a block quote,

  1. Select the piece of content you wish to Quote. A pinnable tool pallet will appear.
  2. Choose Quote option from the dropdown and click Add Quote.
  3. You can also create block quote from different templates.
  4. Click More > Format tab.
  5. Under the Paragraph header, click on the Quote icon. A list of Pull Quote templates will be displayed.
  6. Choose one of them to quote the selected piece of content.

Insert code

Insert code into documents and discuss it using comments, while others use it to document their code. You can work in 13 common coding languages combined with Writer’s full-featured word processing capabilities.

To insert a code snippet in your document,

  1. Place the cursor where you require to insert your code.
  2. Click More > Insert tab.
  3. Under the References & Comments header, click on the Code option.
  4. You can type or paste your code. Choose between multiple programming languages, change the theme and add line numbering, if required.

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